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Hemoglobin analyzer, HBA-L102

  • Analysis Item: Hemoglobin HCT
  • Measurement Range:HB:4.5-25.6 g/dL, 45-256g/L, 8-15.9mmol/L
  • Specimen:Whole blood(capillary and venous)
  • Automatic Shut Off:5 minutes after last use

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Hemoglobin analyzer is intended for the quantitative determination of Hemoglobin (HB) and calculated Hematocrit (HCT) in capillary blood and venous whole blood.


  • Rapid test:Test result in 15 seconds.
  • Micro specimen: Only need 10uL Whole blood (peripheral and venous human whole blood).
  • Long endurance:Removable 3xAAA batteries with low power consumption.
  • Intelligent data:Use data cable to sync data with PC.


Model HBA-L102
Analysis Item Hemoglobin HCT
Measurement Range HB:4.5-25.6 g/dL, 45-256g/L, 2.8-15.9mmol/L
Specimen Whole blood (capillary and venous)
Electricity 3×AAA battery
Battery Endurance Approximately 1000 tests
Units of Measurement g/dL, g/L, mmol/L
Memory 1000 records
Automatic Shut Off 5 minutes after last use
Meter Storage Conditions 0-55℃; ≤90% RH
System Operating Conditions 10-40℃; ≤90% RH; height <altitude 2000m
Test Strip Optional
Test Strip Storage Conditions 2~30C; ≤90%RH
Dimension(L*W*H) 136*65*25mm
Net Weight 90g


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