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Homogenizer, Hand-held Type, HMG-6

  1. Range of rotation: 5000-35000r/min
  2. Processing capacity: 0.5-250ml (H2O)

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HMG-6 product is suitable for mixing, emulsifying and homogenizing between liquids, dispersing liquid and solid powder, and the mashing and pulping of tissue cells. It is an ideal and reliable product specially designed for micro-processing in the laboratory. It can be used in pharmaceutical, biochemical, food, nanomaterial, coatings, adhesives, daily chemicals, printing and dyeing, petrochemicals, paper chemistry, polyurethane, inorganic salts, asphalt, organic silicon, pesticides, water treatment, heavy oil emulsification, diesel emulsification, electronics, batteries and other industries. It is also an ideal product for applications in scientific research, product development, quality control and production processes in factories, scientific research institutions, colleges, and medical institutions.

Product characteristics
1. One-handed control, humanized operation, exquisite motor contains superpower, and the experimental effect is more ideal;
2. Double insulation protection to ensure safety;
3. All parts of the working head contacting materials are made of high-quality stainless steel with good corrosion resistance;
4. The working head is connected with the driving motor by coupling, which is simple and flexible;
5. The speed regulating base adopts step-less speed regulator, which is convenient for speed regulation and stable operation.


Model HMG-6
Range of rotation 5000-35000r/min
Processing capacity 0.5-250ml (H2O)
Standard working head 10G
Processing viscosity 5500mPa·s
Power 160W
Rotation speed control 7-speed
Contact material material SUS304
Material of shaft sleeve entering material part PTFE
Allowable relative humidity 80%
Type of working procedure Micro-batch processing
Weight 1kg
Power supply 220V 50HZ
Optional working head configuration 6G 8G 10G
Optional bracket Single column bracket


Optional tool bit

Tool bit Specification Processing capacity (ml) Viscosity (cp) Linear velocity(m/s)  Length of tool bit (mm)  Diameter of tool bit(mm)
Homogenizer 6G 0.5-50 100 5 115 6
Homogenizer 8G 1-100 500 8 150 8
Homogenizer 10G 5-250 2000 10 200 10

Packing list

Name Quantity
Host 1
Tool bit 1
Warranty Card (including Qualified Certificate) 1
Manual 1

Note: The machine can not be operated for a long time and needs to be used intermittently

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