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Homogenizer, HMG-Q250

  • Speed:8000-30000rpm
  • Processing capacity:2-250ml
  • Standard working head:10mm
  • Speed regulation mode:6-speed stepless speed regulation

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It is suitable for mixing, emulsifying and homogenizing between liquids, dispersing liquid and solid powder, and the mashing and pulping of tissue cells.It is used in experimental fields such as biopharmaceuticals, gene research, tissue fragmentation, cell pulpization, pathological analysis, dairy homogenization, and polymerization reactions.


  • Innovative product design and advanced technology.
  • Large output power, high running speed, and simple experimental operation.
  • The unique function of stepless speed regulation to control the running state enables the equipment to arbitrarily choose the experimental running speed within the speed range.
  • The unique structure of the ultra-fine homogenate working head ensures that the rotor of the working head has a high linear speed under the high-speed drive of the motor, resulting in strong liquid shearing force and severe high-frequency mechanical effect.



Model HMG-Q250
Speed 8000-30000rpm
Processing capacity 0.2-250ml
Standard working head 10mm
Speed regulation mode 6-speed stepless speed regulation
Contact material material 316L
Material of shaft sleeve immersed in liquid PTFE
Electricity 220V/50Hz
Power 180W
Fitting specification of working head φ6mm/φ8mm/φ10mm
Weight 6.5kg (including support)
External dimension(W*D*H) 380*380*165mm(including support)
Optional accessories Flat support,German cross clip,Ring hoop,Working head(φ6mm/φ8mm)


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