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Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood, LCB-HF Series

  1. Work Surface Height: 750mm
  2. Airflow Velocity: Adjustable, 0.2~0.5 m/s
  3. HEPA Filter Efficiency: > 99.995% at particle size of 0.3 μm
  4. Control System: Microprocessor controller with LCD display

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Laminar Flow Hood / Laminar Flow Cabinet /  Clean Bench, Horizontal type

We offer a variety of laminar flow hood (clean bench) designed for a variety of research and engineering needs. The selection includes horizontal, vertical and bench-top laminar flow workstations. They can provide efficient protection for your samples, HEPA Filter Efficiency is more than 99.995% at particle size at 0.3 μm

LCB-HF Series Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood provides a sterile work zone through a purified air that travels in a horizontal, unidirectional stream and leaves the main work chamber across the entire open front of the cabinet.


  • Plant tissue culture
  • Media plate preparation
  • Electronics inspection
  • Medical device assembly


Humanized Features

  • Ergonomic Control Panel Location, centered and angled down for an easy reach & viewing.
  • Brushed stainless steel work surface is for easy cleaning
  • The non-direct light source design can effectively relieve the operator’s visual fatigue under the condition of ensuring the illumination
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use microprocessor controller with LCD display, graphical and digital display of the operating status of each function, such as filter life, UV life etc.

 Safety Features

  • Front sliding sash interlock with fan and UV lamp
  • UV sterilization with UV lamp timing function
  • Front sash and side windows are made of UV-resistant tempered glass
  • The host and sockets have independent capacitors to prevent current overload

Convenience Features

  • Memory function in case of power-failure.
  • HEPA filter and UV life indicators facilitate a timely replacement plan
  • Two side glass windows installed for easy experiment observation
  • Easy-to-change pre-filter installed could extend the HEPA filter’s lifetime
  • Equipped with temperature sensor to show the real temperature during operation
  • Waterproof socket provide convenience for small instruments to be used in the operating area


External Dimensions
1050*805*1950 1320*805*1950 1625*805*1950 1930*805*1950
Internal Dimensions
950*490*574 1220*490*574 1525*490*574 1830*490*574
Control System Microprocessor controller with LCD display, graphical and digital display of the operating status of each function.
Work Surface Height 750mm
Airflow Velocity Adjustable, 0.2~0.5 m/s
HEPA Filter Efficiency > 99.995% at particle size at 0.3 μm
Dimensions(W*D*H)(mm) 930*500*70 1190*500*70 1505*500*70 905*500*70
Quantity 1pc 2pcs
Pre-Filter Material made of washable polyester fiber
Dimensions(W*D*H)(mm) 500*425*2 800*425*2 800*425*2 800*425*2
Quantity 1pc
Sound Emission ≤62dB(A)
Lighting Lamp 6.5W*1 9.6W*1 9.6W*1 6.5W*2
LED type, Intensity ≥900Lx
UV Lamp 20W*1 30W*1 30W*1 18W*2
With timing function, Interlock with front sliding sash. Emission of 253.7 nanometers for best sterilization effect.
Power Consumption 165W 305W 405W 510W
The power consumption does not include external device connected via power socket
Cabinet Construction Main Body: Electro-galvanized steel with antimicrobial powder coating
Work Zone: Stainless steel, grade 304
Manual Sliding Sash: 5 mm UV resistant tempered glass with counter-balance system and ergonomic handle
Side Windows: 5 mm UV resistant tempered glass
Electricity AC220V ±10%, 50/60Hz,1P
Standard Accessories Base stand*1;
LED lamp*1(only 2 for LCB-V6F);
UV lamp*1(only 2 for LCB-V6F);
Waterproof socket*2;
Foma casters*4
Optional Accessories Wind speed sensor; Gas tap;Water tap;Casters with brakes; Hook and hook bar
Shipping Weight(kg) 220 260 300 340
Shipping Dimensions(W*D*H)(mm) 1190*1010*1430 1470*1020*1430 1010*1780*1440 2070*1010*1425
Shipping Volume (m3) 1.7 2.3 2.55 3


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