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Laminar Flow Cabinet, Horizontal Type, Medical type, LCB-H1600J

  1. Cleanliness level: ISO Class 5 (Class 100)
  2. Downflow velocity: 0.25-0.6m/s(adjustable)
  3. With reasonable and safe structure design
  4. Adopts aluminum frame high-efficiency filter
  5. High-quality stainless steel, corrosion-resistant

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Horizontal laminar flow cabinet provides a sterile work zone through a purified air that travels in a horizontal, unidirectional stream and leaves the main work chamber across the entire open front of the cabinet.

High-Quality & Ergonomic Construction

  • Open countertop,10°inclined operation surface.
  • The outer box adopts the cold-rolled steel plate spraying process.
  • The appearance is finely sprayed, which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface of the cabinet.


  • Adopts aluminum frame high-efficiency filter without partition, and the filtration efficiency is 99.995% (≥0.3μm particles)
  • Intelligent large screen displays system parameters
  • Touch-type buttons to adjust various parameter settings

Quiet Operation

  • Comfortable low noised ≤65 dBA
  • Reduce fatigue and improve work concentration

Safety Protection & Structural Design

  • Interlocking protection design, the UV lamp and the lighting lamp are interlocked
  • Double side perspective window design
  • Reasonable structural design, which makes maintenance and replacement of high efficiency filters and fans more convenient and fast.


Model LCB-H1600J
Airflow mode Horizontal air supply
Cleanliness level ISO Class 5 (Class 100)
Colony amount ≤0.5 pcs/dish/h (φ90mm culture dish)
Downflow velocity 0.25-0.6m/sadjustable
Sound emission ≤65dBA
Illuminance ≥300LX
Vibration half-peak value ≤5μmX.Y.Z direction
Max. power consumption 500W
Net weight 130Kg
Work area dimensions 1600*520*620mm
External dimensions 1700*750*1700mm
Applicable number of people Single person operation


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