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Intelligent Laser Particle Size Analyzer, PSA-LA2800A

  1. Full automatic built-in wet dispersion system
  2. Perfect accuracy and precision guaranteed
  3. Automatic&User-friendly one-key operation
  4. Time-saving and easier calibration method

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Advanced Detector Design improves measurement limit,range&resolution.
Full automatic built-in wet dispersion system
Perfect accuracy and precision guaranteed
Automatic&User-friendly one-key operation
Time-saving and easier calibration method

PSA-LA2800B full automatic wet laser particle size analyzer adopt MIE scattering principle, with measure size from 0.01μm to 2000 μm, which offers reliable and repeatable particle size analysis for a diverse range of applications. It use dual-beam& multiple spectral detection systems and side light scatter test technology to significantly improve precision and performance of test, on behalf of the domestic advanced level in the field.

Automatic&User-friendly one-key operation
Intelligent Operation mode
All processes including water-supply, dispersion, circulation, testing, cleaning, data record, data analysis, save and print are completed automatically
Quicker and preciser measurements
Measurement range is expanded to 0.01um.
Advanced Detector Design enhances the accuracy and stability of test results
Simplified calibration process
Only once a year
Time-saving dispersion
Full automatic built-in wet dispersion system


Model PSA-LA2800A
Standard ISO13320-1:1999, GB/T19077.1-2008, Q/JWN001-2009
Measurmentt Principle MIE scattering principle
Measurment Range 0.01μm-2000μm
Channels Number 127
Accuracy error <1%   (Deviation of  D50 on national standard sample)
Repeatability error <1%   (Deviation of  D50 on national standard sample )
Light sources High performance He-Ne Laser (λ= 632.8nm,  P>2MW)
Ultrasonic Frequency:40KHz   Power:35W,   Time: ≥1S ,Anti-dry function
Dispersion Stir Revolutions Speed: 0-300RPM (Adjustable)
Method Circulate Rated Flow:8L/min    Rated Power:10W
Sample Pool Volume:350mL
Micro- Volume: 10mL ( Available)
Sample Pool Volume: 10mL ( Available)
Operation Mode Full automatic/ manual control, freely choose
Resolution Free distribution truly reflect particle size distribution
Optical bench alignment system Japan Canon lens, Full automatic,precision is up to 0.1um
Software function Analysis mode Free Distribution, R-R Distribution, Logarithm Normal Distribution, Mesh number classification etc.
Statistic Method Volume Distribution, Quantity Distribution
Statistic Comparison Several Testing Results of samples
Different batches of samples testing result,
Samples before and after processing,
Test result of samples in different time.
User-defined Analysis Figure out percentage according to the particle size
Figure out particle size according to the percentage
Figure out percentage according to the particle size range
Meet demands of representation of particle test in different industries
Test Report Word, Excel,Photo( Bmp), Text etc
Multiple-language Support Multiple language Support
Intelligent operation Automatically control water inflow, dispersion,test and analysis.Better Repeatability after remove human-factor
Measurment Time <2min
Outer dimension (L*W*H) 66×32×40cm
Net weight 65Kg

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