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Isothermal Fluorescence PCR, FD-CT-1600, FD-CT-1600D

  1. Can export experimental data by USB
  2. Reserve GPRS function
  3. Sample size: 0.2mL–16 holes (8-strip tubes are available)
  4. Reaction system: 15-150μL (recommended 25-30μL)

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Constant temperature fluorescence detector is mainly used for constant temperature amplification and real-time fluorescence detection of samples. In conjunction with corresponding reagents, it can be used in food safety, aquaculture diseases, pet infectious diseases, plant diseases, scientific research and many other fields, such as the detection of food safety biological factors in the food industry chain, the detection of pathogenic microorganisms, the identification of genetically modified materials, the identification of adulteration and adulteration, etc.;It can be used for the detection of aquaculture diseases, such as the monitoring of epidemic pathogens, the control of breeding risk factors, quarantine of origin, seed quarantine, parental quarantine, etc.;It can also be used for pet infectious disease detection, helping pet doctors diagnose and treat diseases more effectively and accurately, saving detection time and inspection costs; its advantages are rapid detection, accurate detection, easy operation, on-site detection, and suitable for grassroots personnel use.The instrument can also be used in scientific research, universities, etc., for reagent development, target gene detection and other projects.
Independent and humanized operating system, the results can be directly interpreted through screen operation; The instrument can realize data storage, recall, result analysis and report, and can export experimental data by USB; reserve GPRS function, which can expand remote monitoring and data transmission functions.


Model Technical parameters FD-CT-1600/FD-CT-1600D

Sample tray

Sample size 0.2mL–16 holes (8-strip tubes are available)
Reaction system 15-150μL (recommended 25-30μL)
Applicable dyes FAM/ROX etc.



Temperature control

Temperature range (℃) Room temperature~99℃
Maximum heating rate (℃) 2℃/s
Maximum cooling rate (℃) 2℃/s
Temperature uniformity (℃) ±0.15℃
Temperature accuracy/temperature control accuracy (℃) ±0.1℃ / 0.1℃
Hot lid function Yes, the temperature is adjustable


Light path system

Channel Single/dual channel optional
Excitation wavelength 470nm/570nm
Detection wavelength 525nm/625nm
Excitation light source/detection method Cold light source LED/real-time fluorescent signal detection





Data analysis According to the tested samples, direct analysis to determine positive or negative
Result display method 1. Negative/positive; 2. Peak starting time; 3. Melting Tm value
Interpretation method 1. Construction of the amplification curve to judge; 2. Automatic judgment of the instrument
Display screen 7-inch touch screen
Controlling software Instrument software
Power supply Power supply AC100-240V DC15V6A
Size and weight Size (W*D*H) 195*275*112mm
Weight 4.5kg


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