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Low Temperature Circulator, RECL30-5

  1. Temperature Range:-30℃ ~RT.
  2. LCD display, key operation
  3. Cover Opening: φ200mm

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It can be not only used to vacuumize, but also provide low-temperature cooling water, which is the favorable assistant equipment to reduce pressure distillation and concentration. This kind of product reduce using space, lower vacuum degree and save water source, which is assembled with rotary evaporator and widely used in modern laboratories.

Working Principle
This product is mechanically cooled by a totally enclosed compressor. The inner wall of the cooling tank has cooling copper coils. The refrigerant (Freon) continuously circulates through the coil on the inner wall of the water tank to cool the refrigerant in the tank. And then the refrigerant is conveyed to interlayer of the supporting equipment or the condensation coil through built-in circulation pump and external circulation pipeline. This method can cool the material in the reactor indirestly, and also cool & liquefie the steam in contact with condensation tube.

Generally speaking, this product can connect with the interlayer of a double-layer glass reactor, rotary evaporator, and condensation coil of the reactor for usage. It is also feasible to directly put objects or containers which need to be cooled into the bath for cooling or reaction.

The outlet pipe of this product is connected to the lower inlet pipe of the kettle or condenser. The circulating liquid comes out from the upper circulation port and returns to the inlet of this product through the pipe, forming a complete circulation.


Model RECL30-5
Temperature Range -30℃ ~RT.
Ambient Temperature 5 ~35℃
Ambient Humidity ≤70%
Electricity Single phase 220V,50Hz/110V, 60Hz
Total Power 887W
Safety Protection Delay, over-current, overheat
Display LCD display, key operation
Temperature Control Accuracy ±0.1℃
Sensor PT100
Refrigerant R22
Condensation Coil φ8 copper tube plated by nickel
Equipment Material Cold plate spray, anti-corrosion
Water Tank Dimension and Volume φ220*180mm,6.8L
Available Dimension in Water Tank φ185mm
Cover Opening φ200mm
Outer Circulation Interface Pagoda joint with Φ12mm outer diameter (facing the left side of the equipment)
Dimension 423*485*(760+ pole 400)mm
N.W./G.W. 46kg/50kg
Shipping Dimension 570*460*790mm
Quantity 1
Power 735W
Cooling Capacity 2324W
Circulation Pump Power 100W
Lift 4-6m
Flow 20-40L/min
Pressure ≤0.4MPa
Air Cooling Condenser



Power 52W
Heating Exchange Area 4.2m2
Air Volume 760m³/h


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