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Mini Dry Bath Incubator, DBI-100H, DBI-100C

  1. Timing setting range:1-999 (min/s)
  2. Temperature control accuracy:±0.2

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Mini dry bath incubator is a constant temperature dry bath incubator product controlled by microcomputer, which can be applied to palm-type constant temperature dry bath incubator of vehicle power supply.
It is very small in size, light in weight, easy to move and suitable for various occasions. The instrument can be configured with a variety of modules to meet various types of test tubes.

Instant temperature display, time decrement display.
Touch keys, excellent operating experience.
Powerful programmable function implements multi-point temperature control, up to 5 temperature points, temperature, time setting and continuous operation; 9 preset programs can be stored for free switching and use.
OLED LCD screen, display content is clear and complete.
The size is very small, only the size of the palm of an ordinary person, and the weight is light.
DC power input, built-in over-temperature protection device, suitable for vehicle power supply.
Automatic fault detection and buzzer alarm
Temperature deviation calibration function
Convenient module replacement is convenient for cleaning and disinfection.


Performance index DBI-100H DBI-100C
temperature control range Room temperature+5-100°C -10-100°C
Heating time (from 25-100℃) S15min <10min
Temperature control accuracy ±0.2 ±0.2
Temperature stability (40℃) ±0.2 ±0.2
Temperature stability (100℃) ±0.2 ±0.2
Temperature display accuracy ±0. 1 ±0. 1
Timing setting range 1-999 (min/s) 1-999 (min/s)
Cooling Air cooling <15min Room temperature decreased by 20°C
Power 48W 90W
Weight 0. 9Kg 1. 2Kg
Product size (LxWxD) 160x120x140mm
Package Dimension (W*D*H)(mm) 220*220*220
G.W.(kg) 1.8


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