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Oil-free vacuum suction filter pump, VACP-OL10

  1. Flow rate: 10 L/min
  2. Maximum vacuum: 80 kPa
  3. Optimum working time: 30 min
  4. With dual functions of air extraction and blowing

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Oil-free vacuum suction filter pumps are widely used in filtration, sample concentration, solid phase extraction and other devices, and are important basic equipment in the laboratory.Single-stage or two-stage pumps provide a completely clean vacuum environment. The pump body itself requires no maintenance and does not produce any contaminants.

  1. All-metal shell, aluminum alloy handle, easy to use, full-featured.
  2. Provide a clean vacuum environment without pollution.
  3. Unique membrana dermalis design reduces wear and extends working life.
  4. It is equipped with overheating protection device to prevent motor damage and prolong the service life of the pump body.
  5. With dual functions of air extraction and blowing (It can be customized.)


Model VACP-OL10
Flow rate (L/min) 10
Maximum vacuum(kPa) 80
Power (W) 50
Maximum working temperature 40 °C
Optimum working time (min) 30


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