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Photon Correlation DLS Nano particle Size Analyzer, PSA-N802

  1. Advanced test principle &technology
  2. High resolution with 8ns resolution speed
  3. Advanced Detector Design improves measurement speed and accuracy
  4. Efficient data collection and calculation
  5. Well-designed stable optical path system

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PSA-N802 dynamic light scattering nanometer particle size analyzer, based on the dynamic light scattering principle, is the first one to use digital correlator in China. And It’s upgrade from Winner801, which is 1st set of Nanometer particle size analyzer. Based on Brownian motion principle, smaller particle, faster speed, bigger particle, more slowly. It adopt great performance of Japan HAMAMATSU photomultiplier and self-developed high speed digital correlator as core parts, get diffusion coefficient by test scattering light change in some angle, and calculate particle diameter and distribution according to stokes-Einstein equation. The machine is characterized by fast calculation, high resolution ration, good accuracy and repeatability, therefore it’s widely used in company product lab research and university use.

High-Quality Construction
Dynamic light scattering principle & photon correlation spectrum technology
PCR technology
CR256 digital correlation
Quiet Operation
Imported HAMAMATSU photomultiplier provides high sensitivity
Guaranteed Accuracy and Precision
High noise-signal ratio.
High speed data collection and calculation
High stable optical path system
High precision constant temperature control system
Advanced test principle , technology & detector design
High-quality data collection and calculation
Well-designed stable optical path system


Model PSA-N802
Standard GB/T 19627-2005/ISO 13321:1996
GB/T 29022-2012/ISO 22412:2008
Measure range 1nm-10000nm
Concentration range 0.1mg/ml–100mg/ml
Accuracy error <1%( D50 of  National standard sample)
Repeatability error <1% ( D50 of National standard sample)
Light source Semiconductor laser λ= 532nm P=30mW
Detector Imported HAMAMATSU photo-multiplier
Scattering angle 90o
Sample cuvette 1-4mL
Temperature control 5-40 ℃(temperature controller within 0.1℃)
Test Measurment Time <5 Min
Outer Dimensions(L*W*H) 48×27×17cm
G.W. 12Kg
Operation system Win XP/Win 7/Win 10 64 bits
Analysis Average particle diameter, particle distribution,
photon counting rate etc.
Digital Correlator Model CR256
Auto-correlation channels 256
Baseline channel 4
Unit delay time 100ns-10ms


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