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Power Supply for Universal Electrophoresis Apparatus, GEP-PH-600C

  1. Parallel output:4 groups
  2. Input range: 110-250 V is suitable for different countries and regions.
  3. Output range:5-600v (1v) 1-600ma (1ma) 5-300w (1w)

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Display screen: 7-inch super-large touch screen, convenient touch operation, automatic generation of numeric keypad during setting, display of clock timing temperature operation status and various prompt operations.
Step by step storage: 10 programs can be edited and saved, and each program can be run in 10 steps.
Protection function: overcurrent, overload, overtemperature, no-load short-circuit load sudden change protection function
Micro-current: The micro-current output can be kept when no one shuts down after the scheduled operation.
Automatic setting: when one of the constant voltage, current and power indexes, the other two indexes will automatically rise to the maximum value, without artificial adjustment.
Appearance: The appearance is tall, full of sense of technology.

Suitable for electrophoresis of common protein and nucleic acid, suitable for one machine with multiple channels.


Parallel output  4 groups
Input range  110-250 V is suitable for different countries and regions.
Output range  5-600v (1v) 1-600ma (1ma) 5-300w (1w)
Output range  Constant voltage, constant current and constant power are continuously adjustable, stable and reliable.
Resolution  voltage (1V), current (1mA) and power (1W)
Timing range  1 minute —99 hours and 59 minutes
Testing temperature  -20℃~+85℃
Overall dimensions (w× d× h)  300× 300× 130mm
Packing Dimensions(w ×d ×h) 450*430*270mm
Net weight (kg) 2.5
Gross weight(kg) 3.5


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