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Rotary Microtome, RMT-150

  1. Maximum Specimen Size: 50×60mm(optional clamp)
  2. Section Thickness Setting Range: 1 – 35μm
  3. Vertical Specimen Stroke: 60mm
  4. Horizontal Specimen Feed: 28mm
  5. For paraffin section, hard tissues and polymer materials

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RMT-150 Rotary Microtome integrates internationally advanced technology and design to ensure high precision, stable performance, and easy operation. This product can produce even, high-quality continuous sections, and has become a very popular type of microtome.

  1. Using international advanced technology and precision roller guide, the coordination is more precise
  2. Using high-strength alloy steel and other non-ferrous metal materials, the slices are stable and reliable
  3. The sample is clamped on the three-dimensional axis and locked arbitrarily, and the angle of the sample cut surface can be adjusted.
  4. The tool holder moves forward and backward, easy to operate
  5. Whether standard steel slicing knife or disposable blade is used, ideal slicing can be obtained
  6. The handwheel balance fine adjustment system is locked at the highest point to ensure the safety of the slicing process
  7. The outer cover of the sealed box does not need to be disassembled, and it is easy to clean


RMT-150 is a special fixture, suitable for slicing hard tissues and polymer materials: such as plastics, fibers, bones, plants, hair, etc.


Model RMT-150
Section Thickness Setting Range 1~35μm continuous slicing  >35μm arbitrarily adjustable slice thickness set project

1~60μm continuous slicing  >60μm arbitrarily adjust the slicing thickness (optional)

Trimming Thickness Setting Range  0– 500μm
Minimum Setting of Sectioning Thickness  1μm
Specimen Holder Rotation  at any angle within360 degrees
Specimen Orientation  XY – 8°
Total Horizontal Specimen Feed  28mm
Vertical Specimen Stroke  60mm
Movement Range of the Base of Blade Holder Base  0-50mm (front to back)
Maximum Specimen Size 50×60mm (optional clamp)
Precision Error  ±5%
Dimensions  420×330×330 mm (W×D×H)
Net weight  19kg


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