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Thermogravimetric Analyzer, TGA-1150

  • Adopt imported ARM processor
  • 7-inch full-color 24bit touch screen
  • Double-row winding of customized nickel-chromium wire

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Thermogravimetric analysis is widely used in research and development, process optimization and quality control in various fields such as plastics, rubber, coatings, pharmaceuticals, catalysts, inorganic materials, metal materials and composite materials.


  • Structural advantages1.Furnace heating adopts double-row winding of customized nickel-chromium wire, which reduces interference and is more resistant to high temperature.
    2.Tray sensor, made of alloy wire, has the advantages of high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.
    3.Power supply, circulation cooling part is separated from the host, reducing the influence of heat and vibration on the micro-thermal balance.
    4.It is easy to operate and has tail gas output port, which is easy to expand and connect infrared equipment.
    5.The main engine adopts thermal effect of isolated heating furnace on chassis and micro thermal balance.
    6.The furnace body adopts double heat preservation, with better linearity
    7.Five test maps can be opened at the same time for comparative analysis
    8.The gas path can be set with multi-stage automatic switching without manual adjustment.
  • Controller, software advantages
  1. It adopts imported ARM processor, with faster sampling speed and processing speed.
  2. Four-channel sampling AD collects TG signal and temperature T signal.
  3. Heating control, using PID algorithm, precise control. Multi-stage heating and constant temperature
  4. USB two-way communication is used between the software and the instrument, which fully realizes remote operation.The parameter setting of the instrument and the running stop of the instrument can be performed through the computer software.
  5. 7-inch full-color 24bit touch screen, better human-machine interface. TG calibration can be achieved on the touch screen.


Model TGA-1150
Temperature range RT~1150℃
Temperature resolution 0.01℃
Temperature fluctuation ±0.01℃
Heating rate 0.1~100℃/min
Temperature control mode PID control, heating, constant temperature and cooling
Program control program setting multi-stage temperature rise and constant temperature, and five sections can be set at the same time
Balance measuring range 0.01mg~3g, can be extended to 50g
Accuracy 0.01mg
Constant temperature time Arbitrary setting
Resolution 0.1ug
Display method  7-inch Chinese character large screen LCD display
Atmosphere device Built in gas flow meter and gas flow control device
Software Intelligent software can automatically record TG curve for data processing, TG / DTG, mass, percentage coordinates can be arbitrarily switched;Software with automatic adjustment function, according to the map display, automatic extension, scaling
Data interface Standard USB interface, dedicated software (software upgrades for free from time to time)
Curve scanning heating scanning and cooling scanning
Cooling time ≤ 15min, 1000 ℃ ~ room temperature;Air cooled cooling device is selected to reduce temperature quickly and improve test
Crucible type Ceramic crucible, aluminum crucible
Crucible size 5*5mm;7.5*7.5mm
Standard substance one copy
Electricity AC 220V 50Hz
Dimensions 531*463.5*416 mm
Weight 26Kg
Package dimensions 730*600*430 mm
Package weight 37.8Kg


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