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Ultrapure Water Purifier, LWP-S3-2D series

  • Water quality on-line monitoring system
  • Simple and quick replacement of filter element
  • Equipped with portable TDS pen
  • Double electric water intake,two kinds of water

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    1. Applicable to various water quality, the case is with powder coating.
    2. The filter element of the system adopts injection molding technology and is built in the chassis
    3. Korean-style fast insert filter column replacement maintenance convenient replacement
    4. Electrical appliances and waterways are completely separated to avoid circuit failures caused by moisture and water leakage.
    5. Water quality on-line monitoring system, which can measure the quality of produced water in real time;
    6. Automatic RO film anti-scale washing procedure, automatic shutdown when the tap water is cut off, automatic shutdown when the tap water is cut off, automatic replenishment of the water storage bucket, automatic shutdown when the water storage bucket is full.
    7. Pipelines are NSF certified, with water quality and quantity upgrade function.
    8. Equipped with portable TDS pen, you can test TDS content, conductivity, water temperature anytime and anywhere.
    9. Double electric water intake, two kinds of water, ready to use.
    10. Front and back door design, simple and quick replacement of filter element, the whole process without using any tools, easy to complete the replacement of filter element.
    11. The system is equipped with ultra-pure water internal circulation system, water quality can be stable at the highest value at any time.


Application Field

Physicochemical analytical type All kinds of physical and chemical testing, biochemical analysis, blood examination, microanalysis, flushing special, HPLC, IC, GC, analysis experiment
Ultra low organic type Atomic absorption/emission spectrometry, mass spectrometry, TOC detection, environmental monitoring, biochip development, trace organic matter analysis
Ultralow element type High sensitivity ICP/MS, PCR, PPT level analysis, isotope analysis, molecular biology, life science, CDC, drug control institute, quality inspection institute, university scientific research and other standard laboratories and a variety of high-end precision instrument water
comprehensive Molecular biology, Life sciences, gene research, cell culture, amino acid analysis, protein purification, toxicology, drug development, medical testing

Water inlet= water outletwater outlet120LPHnormal 90 LPH

Case A Case B Case C
Water Purifier case A Water Purifier case B Water Purifier case C
Water inlet= DI water outlet + UP water outlet

Water inlet= UP water outlet

Water inlet= DI water outlet


LWP-S3-2D series
Type Physicochemical Low endotoxin Low TOC Comprehensive
Water requirements Pure/distilled water enters the water
DI water indicators
Resistivity 10 to 16 MΩ. cm @ 25℃
Electrical conductivity < 0.1 us/cm
UP water indicators
Resistivity (25℃) 18.2 MΩ. cm @ 25℃
Heavy metal ion < 0.01 PPb
Total organic carbon (TOC) * <10 PPb <3 PPb
Bacteria < 0.01 cfu/ml
Pyrogen (endotoxin) N/A < 0.001 Eu/ml N/A < 0.001 Eu/ml
Particulate matter (> 0.1 microns) <1/ml
Ribonuclease (RNases) N/A <1pg/ml N/A <1pg/ml
Deoxyribonucleases N/A <5pg/ml N/A <5pg/ml
Weight 30Kg 31Kg 31Kg 32Kg
Electricity 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 48-72W
System configuration Host (including 1 set of purification column)+TDS pen + accessory bag

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