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Ultrasonic Cleaner, LCD, USC-DII Series

  1. Capacity(L): 10/ 15/ 22.5
  2. Ultrasound frequency(KHz): 40
  3. Temperature adjustable(℃): Room temperature-80
  4. Self-protection and alarm system
  5. Degas/Memory function

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  1. The 3.2-inch LCD screen simultaneously displays the instrument model, ultrasonic power, ultrasonic frequency, ultrasonic time, ultrasonic temperature, and parameters in detail;
  2. The LCD screen displays over-temperature, over-voltage, over-current, and fault buzzer alarms;
  3. The operating program of the machine adopts a microcomputer key operating system;
  4. User data storage function, you can save working parameters according to your own needs;
  5. Unique Degas technology, fast degassing, improve cleaning efficiency;
  6. There are handles on both sides of the machine for easy handling and transportation;
  7. The inner tank of the instrument is stamped and formed with high-quality 304 stainless steel plate;
  8. 304 stainless steel materials are used for the net frame, shell and sound-reduction lid of the instrument;
  9. Optional 20, 25, 28, 33, 35, 40, 45KHz ultrasonic frequency to place an order.


Machine size(L*W*H)-mm 320×270×340 400×460×460 530×320×380
Tank Size(L*W*H)-mm 300×240×150 330×300×150 500×300×150
Capacity(L) 10 15 22.5
Ultrasound frequency(KHz) 40
Ultrasonic power(W) 200 400 500
Power adjustable(%) 10-100
heating power(W) 600 600 1000
Temperature adjustable(℃) Room temperature-80
Time adjustable(min) 1-9999
Stainless steel grid Yes Yes Yes
Water level Yes Yes Yes
Sound-reduction lid lid Yes Yes Yes
Drainage system Yes Yes Yes


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