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Vertical Emergency Eye Wash, EEWS-327

  1. Automatic emptying after use
  2. Pipe diameter: 48mm/38mm
  3. Inlet height: 780mm/753mm
  4. Outlet height: 108mm/86mm

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  • After the use of eye wash and face wash is stopped, the water in the pipeline will be drained automatically to achieve the purpose of anti-freezing
  • The inlet part and outlet part are customizable
  • Shut off valve and filter are proposed to be equipped on the water-supply end
  • Stainless steel foot treadle can be added to control the eye wash switch.


Materials  SS304
Surface finishing  Fine polishing
Function  Eye and face washing
Switching ball valve  Two-piece ball valve
Pipe diameter  48mm/38mm
Nominal pressure  1.0Mpa
Working pressure  0.2~0.4Mpa
Test pressure  1.5Mpa
Working environment temperature  0°C~40°C
Eye wash/face wash water flow  ≥11.4 L/min
Flow of eye wash  ≥1.5 L/min
Eye wash bowl  300mm straight edge design, gather water, prevent splash
Dust cover  Integrated design of main body, not easy to lose
Inner size  G1/2” male
Outlet size  Rp1-1/4” female
Inlet height  780mm/753mm
Outlet height  108mm/86mm


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