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Acrylic Glass Vacuum Atmosphere Protection Glove Box-Type C, GB-C Series

  • Material thickness :20-30mm
  • Transition roomand operation room can perform vacuum pumping
  • For radiation protection, isolation operation or dustproof operation
  • ImportedPMMA material, transparent and sealing property
  • With porous electrical socket in the glove box

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The glove box is a laboratory device that fills the box with high-purity inert gas and circulates and filters out the active substances in it. It is widely used in anhydrous, oxygen-free and dust-free ultra-pure environment, as well as biological applications, such as anaerobic bacteria culture, cell hypoxia culture, etc.


  • Usingimported PMMA material, highly transparent, integrally formed, high sealing property.
  • Able to penetrate ultraviolet light, stable and resistant climate change.
  • There is a porous electrical socket in the glove box and convenient for scientific experiment.
  • High sealing property,and can shield and absorb the α-rays and low-energy β-rays which is emitted by radioactive substances to protect human tissues from damage by ionizing radiation.


Model Operation box dimension(mm) Material thickness  (mm) Transition box Vacuum pumping Vacuum degree Material Left round door Gloves
Operation box Transition box
GB-1C 1094*640*645 30mm Y Y Y 0~-0.1Mpa

(Class 2.5 vacuum gauge),

keep the pressure for more than 12 hours

PMMA 400mm 4
GB-2C 1200*800*700 30mm Y Y Y PMMA 300mm 4
GB-3C 1200*800*600 30mm Y Y Y PMMA 300mm 4
GB-4C 1200*600*700 30mm Y Y Y PMMA 300mm 4
GB-5C 1200*600*600 30mm Y Y Y PMMA 300mm 4
GB-6C 1000*750*700 30mm Y Y Y PMMA 300mm 2
GB-7C 1000*600*700 30mm Y Y Y PMMA 300mm 2
GB-8C 900*600*700 30mm Y Y Y PMMA 300mm 2
GB-9C 1000*700*500 30mm Y Y Y PMMA 300mm 2
GB-10C 1000*500*500 25mm Y Y Y PMMA 300mm 2
GB-11C 800*550*600 25mm Y Y Y PMMA 350mm 2
GB-12C 700*450*500 20mm Y Y Y PMMA 300mm 2


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