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Blood Gas Analyzer, BGA-150-3

  1. Measurement Items: PH,PCO2,PO2
  2. Sample: Whole blood 150ul
  3. Testing time: 50s
  4. Test method: Automatic sampling

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Blood gas electrolyte analyzer includes blood gas measuring items (PH, PCO2, PO2). It is used to detect partial pressure of Carbon Dioxide (PCO2),and partial pressure of Oxygen (PO2) value.

Clinical Dept.

ICU, Examination Dept., Respiration Medicine Dept, Pediatrics ICU, Neurosurgery, Cardiology Dept,

Anesthesia Dept., Surgical Dept., Emergency Dept., etc.


1. Advanced Technology

Solid electrode technology

Liquid calibration technology

Wet measurement mode, with good repeatability and high accuracy

2. Cost-effective

Catridge type reagent package

3. Easy Operation

8”colorful graphical touch screen operation

Each measurement channel can be used separately.

  1. A) 24 hours continuous working, make sure of detection in time.
  2. B) Sampling system washed automatically, avoid blocking.


Model Measurement Items Calculation Parameters
BGA-150-3 PH,PCO2,PO2 PH(TC), PCO2(TC), Po (TC), HCO3, SBC, BE,Beecf, TCO2,SO2%,P50,A-Ado2,RI


Technical Data
Sample whole blood 150ul
Test Method automatic sampling
Testing time 50s
Printer build-in thermal printer
Display screen 8″TFT colorful LCD touch screen
Storage ≥5000 test results
lnterfaces RS232
Power supply 100v~240V , 47Hz~63Hz


ltem Reference Range Linearity Range
PH 7.35- 7.45 3.000 – 12.0000
PO2 60 – 100 mmHg 0- 800.0 mmHg
PCO2 35- 45 mmHg 2.0-200.0 mmHg


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