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Blood Gas and Electrolyte Analyzer, BGA-95-8

  • Test items:pH , pCO2,pO2, K+ , Na+, Cl , Ca++, Hct
  • Sample:whole blood, serum, plasma, dialysate, CSF
  • Analysis time:<90s
  • Sample volume: 95μL Whole blood;50μL Capillary blood

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This new designed blood gas analyzer has a convenient disposable calibrants cartridge containing flush solution, mixed gas and liquid calibrants, waste container. This new cartridge design can avoid operator biological hazards and environment pollution.


  • Intuitive touch screen

High resolution 10.4” touch screen

User-friendly operation interface

Parameter area provides analyzer status at a glance

Online operation and self-diagnostic tutorials

  • Infrared human-detector
  • Flexible and simple calibrants cartridge

High and low volume testing cartridge can be chose(300,200,150,100,50).

30 days available on board

Stored at room temperature

All-in-one design without extra consumables

Cartridge expiration alarm and residue information

  • Auto QC cartridge

Optional Auto QC cartridge containing 3 levels QC design

Auto H/M/L QC once per days, customer can define

30 days available on board

Stored at room temperature

All-in-one design without extra consumables

Cartridge expiration alarm and residue information

Auto-stop analysis sample once failing on QC

  • Reliable and convenient measurement unit

Capillary Sample volume only 50μL

Whole blood volume only 95μL

Multi-combination parameters

Self-made long life maintenance free electrodes

Maximum 90s result from aspiration, less than 120s from sample to sample

Long-lasting fluid system

Preheats reagents and sample

  • Easy to use

The sample adaptor is suitable for both syringe and capillary samples.

The sample probe’s wiper provides convenience, sample integrity and user safety

  • Fast data input

Easy sample and patient ID input

Convenient bar-code calibrants and Auto-QC cartridge replace

Easy bar-code consumables identification

  • Rich data management

RS-232 interface

LIS connection under HL7 protocol

Data backup with USB port

  • Compact, flexible

Easy move with rolling stand

Nickel-metal hydride battery,3.0Ah


Measured Parameters

Analyte Measuring range Unit
Hydrogen ion activity(pH) 6.000―9.000 pH scale
Carbon dioxide 0.667―26.67 kPa
partial pressure(pCO2) 5.0―200.0 mmHg
Oxygen partial pressure(pCO2) 0―106.7







Potassium ion(K+ ) 0.50―10.00 mmol/L
Sodiumion(Na+ ) 50.0―200.0 mmol/L
Chloride ion(Cl- ) 20.0―200.0


Ionized calcium(Ca++) 0.10―5.00 mmol/L
Hct 12.0―65.0




B.P. 500―800 mmHg
Glucose 1.1―66.7 mmol/L
Lactate 0.4―30.0 mmol/L

Derived(Calculated) Parameters:

pH(TC) pH temperature corrected
pCO2 (TC) pCO2 temperature corrected
pO2 (TC) pO2 temperature corrected
TCO2 0-50mmol/L
HCO3 0-50mmol/L
Beb -25.0-25mmol/L
Beecf -25.0-25mmol/L
SBC 0-50mmol/L
SO2% 40-100.0%
Ca++(7.4) Ionized calcium“normalized” to pH 7.4
TCa Total calcium content
AG Anion gap
RI 0.0-70.0
AaDO2 0-700mmHg
O2SAT Oxygen Saturation
tHb(c) Hemoglobin(Calculated)
Sample Whole blood, Serum, Plasma, Dialysate, CSF
Test items pH , pCO2, pO2, K+ , Na+, Cl , Ca++, Hct
Input parameter Patient temperature




Interface Serial Line RS-232

TCP/IP interface

USB port

Integrated Bar-code reader

Analysis time <90s
Sample volume 95μL Whole blood

50uL Capillary blood

Calibration Automatic, programmable 1-point and 2-point calibration
Data storage >10000
Display 10.4” TFT touch screen
Battery Nickel-metal hydride battery 3.0Ah
Printer Build-in Thermal printer70mm
Barcode reader Up to 14 kinds barcode type
Instrument(W*H*D) 400*574*344mm
CAL PAK(W*H*D) 258*180*70mm
AUTOQC(W*H*D) 103*180*70mm
Weight 30Kg
Work environment 15℃~30℃
Storage environment 5℃~40℃
Electricity 100-240V~50/60Hz


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