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Forced Air Drying Oven, DOF-H140-A, DOF-H250/640/960-B

  1. Volume: 138L, 252L, 640L, 960L
  2. Temp.Range(℃): RT+10~200; RT+10~300
  3. Shelf: 3/7, 3/10, 4/15, 5/18
  4. Auxiliary temp. control
  5. Leakage protection

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1. Horizontal forced air type, good temperature uniformity.

2. Microprocessor controller(with temperature correction and timing function), accurate and reliable.
3. Large LCD screen display.
4. High-quality stainless steel chamber, removable shelf, easy-to-clean.
5. Equipped with multiple sets of heaters. (For DOF-HB Series)
6. Adopt a temperature selection switch that can select the grade according to the heating speed and operating temperature. (For DOF-HB Series)
7. Silicon sealing ring for reliable sealing.
8. Auxiliary temp. control: Dual temperature control system, which is more accurate and stable. Ensure that the equipment can control the temperature and operate normally when the main temperature controller is out of control.
9. Leakage protection: When the equipment has leakage, the equipment will cut off its own power supply, which will not affect the normal operation of other equipment in the laboratory, and protect the safety of personnel and the laboratory.
10. Optional printer or RS485 interface which can print or connect a computer for remote control and alarm.
11. Anti-hot handle

1. Multi-segment programmable control
2. Built-in Printer
3. RS485 interface


Model DOF-H140-A DOF-H250-B DOF-H640-B DOF-H960-B
Volume(L) 138 252 640 960
Chamber Size (W×D×H)  cm 50×50×55 60×60×70 80×80×100 100×80×120
Exterior Size(W×D×H) cm 83×61×72 88×73×95 108×93×125 128×98×145
Package Size (W×D×H) cm 95×76×98 100×86×110 120×108×143 142×108×165
Power Rating(W) 1200 3500 5500 7000
Temp. Range(℃) RT+10~200 RT+10~300
Temp. Fluctuation ±1℃
Temp. Uniformity ±2.5℃%
Temp. Resolution 0.1℃
Timer 1~9999min
Shelf 3/7 3/10 4/15 5/18
Net/Gross Weight(kg) 45/55 110/150 170/250 250/340
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz AC 220V 50Hz AC 380V 50Hz
Shape Horizontal


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