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Fully Automatic Fat Analyzer, FTA206

  1. Measuring range: 0.1%-100%
  2. Temperature control range: RT+5℃-300℃
  3. Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃
  4. Sample quantity: 6 /per time
  5. Solvent cup volume: 150ml

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According to the Soxhlet extraction principle, the analyzer uses gravimetric method to deter-mine the fat content in food, grain and food. The equipment complies with GB 5009.6-2016 “Determination of Fat in Foods by National Food Safety Standards”; GB/T 6433-2006 “Deter- mi-nation of Crude Fat in Feed”; SN/T 0800.2-1999 “Test Method for Import and Export of Crude Fat in Grain and Feed”

The product is fully automatic with one-button operation design, easy to operate, stable performance and high accuracy. And it has many kinds of automatic extraction modes such as Soxhlet extraction, hot extraction, Soxhlet hot extraction, continuous flow and standard hot extraction.

Main Features of the Product

7 inch LCD true color touch screen, with man-machine Chinese dialogue mode, easy to operate and learn.

Built-in 6 kinds of extraction methods, and the user can switch function at any time. (Soxhlet extraction, hot extraction, Soxhlet hot extraction, continuous flow extraction, inching flow extraction and standard hot extraction.

One-button operating system: one button to complete compaction, heating, soaking, extraction, reflow, and opening and closing processes. No need to manually lift the filter paper cup or open and close the valve.

Fully automatic lifting and pressing system. High degree of automation, reliable and convenient.

Electromagnetic inching opening and closing, timing opening and closing, manual opening and closing, etc. The mulit-ways of opening and closing make soaking extraction method efficient.

The automatic lifting function of the extraction filter-paper cup holder ensures that the sample is immersed in organic solvent at the same time, which is helpful to improve the consistency of sample determination results.

Adopt integrated metal bath heating, and it ensures fast heating and uniform temperature.

Organic solvent heating system with unique heating program function, meanwhile it has the common function of fix temperature and timing.

The heating temperature can be adjusted according to different reagent boiling points and the ambient temperature.

Suitable for a variety of organic solvents, including petroleum ether, ether, acetone, dichloromethane, nhexane, alcohols, and benzene of all organic solvents.


Measuring range 0.1%-100%
Temperature control range RT+5℃-300℃
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Sample quantity 6 /per time
Sample weight 0.5g~15g
Solvent cup volume 150mL
Solvent recovery rate ≥85%
System control mode PLC
Automatic recovery Solenoid valve
Lifting system of extractor Automatic
Heating power 1500W
Voltage AC~220V±10% 50Hz


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