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Soxhlet Extractor, SE-6P

  • 2-6 heating system
  • Self-contained solvent recovery function
  • Built-in circulating water pipeline

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Soxhlet extractor is widely used in the determination of oil content in feed of aquatic products, determination of oil content in leather, determination of succinic acid content in pinellia tuber, determination of polysaccharide content in ganoderma, determination of residual oil content in chemical fiber, determination of fat content in mushroom, etc.


  • 7 “LCD touch screen display control, upgradable program control temperature and remote operating system
  • 2-6 heating system, ensure each sample is operable
  • Aluminum heat module has the advantages of high temperature rise speed, high reflux speed and short extraction time.
  • Adopt temperature sensor, high temperature control precision and good uniformity
  • Self-contained solvent recovery function, high recovery rate, saving experimental consumables
  • Built-in circulating water pipeline, easy to operate (can be upgraded to built-in cooling device)
  • It has multiple protection devices for over-voltage, overheating, and leakage, and it does not need to be monitored to ensure long-term use of the machine.
  • It can be upgraded to built-in cold water system, no need of external water source.


Model SE-6P
Number of samples extracted per batch 6
Controller 7-inch LCD touch screen display
Electric heating power 1800W
External dimension 750*230*775mm
Weight 28kg
Temperature control range RT +5℃~250℃
Temperature control mode Independent temperature control
Mode of heating Aluminum module heating
Extraction sample volume 0-5g/ ea (with valves), 5-20g/ ea (without valves) optional
Extraction bottle volume 250ml, 500ml optional
Warming up time About 10min
Timing function have
Electricity 220V 10V frequency 50Hz
Measuring range Grain, feed, grease and various fat products with oil content in the range of 0.5%-60%
Solvent recovery Automatic solvent recovery with valve, no solvent recovery without valve
Package dimension 860*560*1010 mm
Package weight 57kg


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