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Fume Hood, FMH-P1200, FMH-P1500, FMH-P1800

  1. PP Fume Cabinet
  2. the surface wind speed: 0.5m/s(about)
  3. Transparent tempered glass, thickness: 5MM

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Fume Hood

PP Fume Cabinet
Material Description:
1. Upper cabinet:
The mainframe is made of porcelain white PP (polypropylene) sheet, welded by the same color and homogeneous welding rod. Excellent acid and alkali resistance, and excellent weather resistance. The top adopts a top-shield suction design, and the deflector is made of homogeneous PP material, which has excellent acid and alkali resistance. The installation size is scientific and reasonable, and there is no airflow dead angle, and the maximum exhaust gas capture performance can be obtained.
2. Operation surface:
The ventilated countertop adopts an integral welding design with the upper cabinet body. The human operating surface is equipped with water-retaining and anti-overflow treatment. The countertop can also be equipped with other material countertops according to customer requirements; the upper sink is configured according to user requirements.
3. Lower cabinet:
The body of the storage cabinet is made of porcelain white PP (polypropylene) sheet, and the column is formed into a “square tube structure” and a “T”-shaped structure through the bending process, which can obtain a good load-bearing capacity.
4. Moving door: stepless design, light feel
a. Operating window: It is made of 5mm tempered glass with excellent acid and alkali resistance.
b. Adjustable door frame: gray PP c-shaped groove, embedded combination to ensure safety and durability.
c. Adjustable door suspension steel cable: each fume hood adjusts the door steel cable connection.
d. Adjusting door balance weight: adopt PP material weight box design.
5. Circuit equipment:
a. Switch: The integrated control panel with liquid crystal display function is used to visually control various parameters, including fan switch, lighting switch, and main power switch.
b. Socket part: Each fume hood is equipped with two 220V10A power sockets with a splash cover.
6. Other accessories:
Door handle: acid and alkali resistant PP material (color options: azure blue, magnetic white, light gray, dark gray)
Door hinge: acid and alkali resistant PP material (color options: azure blue, magnetic white, light gray, dark gray)
Air collecting hood: acid and alkali resistant PP material, standard 250MM air outlet (the air outlet size can be customized according to requirements)
Diversion clamp: acid and alkali resistant PP material (color options: azure blue, light gray, black)
Pulley: PP silent pulley, low friction, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant.


Model FMH-P1200 FMH-P1500 FMH-P1800
External Dimension(W*D*H) 1200*850*2350mm 1500*850*2350mm 1800*850*2350mm
Working Zone Size(W*D*H) 976*653*1100mm 1276*653*1100mm 1576*653*1100mm
Maximum opening of sliding door 820mm(Standard vertical adjustable door)
The exhaust volume when the regulating door is fully open and the surface wind speed is 0.5m/s(about) 23.4CMM/840CFM 30.6CMM/1100CFM 50.8CMM/1825CFM
Tabletop material It is made of porcelain white PP (polypropylene) sheet with a thickness of 8MM, bends and thickens and overflows. Optional solid core physical and chemical board countertops, epoxy resin countertops or ceramic countertops, etc.
Operation window Transparent tempered glass, thickness: 5MM
Gas hood Adopt cone-shaped necking air collecting hood
lighting device Full cover fluorescent lamp 30Wx1 30Wx1 40Wx1
Power outlet AC220V/10A  4 outlets
Circuit board One fluorescent lamp, one LCD panel switch and one master control circuit board
Optional configuration:

Small water cup,water tap,water tank,water valve,water nozzle


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