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Intelligent Wet and Dry Laser Particle Size Analyzer, PSA-2L2308A

  1. Automatic&User-friendly one-key operation
  2. Wet and dry sample dispersion system Integrated Design
  3. Automatic&manual operation mode are designed to freely choose
  4. Perfect accuracy and precision guaranteed

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Advanced Detector Design improves measurement limit&resolution.
Full built-in sampling system
Automatic&User-friendly one-key operation
Wet& dry sample dispersion system design
Perfect accuracy and precision guaranteed

PSA-2L2308A intelligent full automatic wet&dry laser particle size analyzer adopts laser diffraction theory(Mie and Fraunhofer diffraction), with its measure size from 0.01μm to 2000μm(dry 0.1μm-2000μm) that offers reliable and repeatable particle size analysis for a diverse range of applications. It uses dual-beam& multiple spectral detection systems and side light scatter test technology to significantly improve precision and performance of test. It’s a prior choice for industrial production quality control departments and research institutions.

Automatic&User-friendly one-key operation
Wet and dry sample dispersion system Integrated Design.
Automatic&manual operation mode are designed to freely choose.
realize one key to switch
Good dispersion structure
Full built-in Sample dispersion system ensures precise test result.
Perfect accuracy and precision guaranteed
Advanced Detector Design enhances the accuracy and stability of test results
Instrument Software provides high precision data with 10Khz data acquisition time.


Model PSA-2L2308A
Measurment Standard ISO 13320-1:2009,GB/T19007-2016,Q/0100JWN001-2013
Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11
Measurment Principle Laser diffraction principle
Analysis Mie and Fraunhofer scattering
Detector Arrangement Log-spaced array, test angle from 0.015 degree to 145 degree
Measurment Range Wet:0.01μm-2000 μm   Dry: 0.1μm-2000μm
Silicon Photodetectors Wet:127PCS  Dry:100 PCS
Accuracy error Wet<1%  Dry<1%  (CRM D50)
Repeatability error Wet<1%  Dry<1%  (CRM D50)
Light sourceS Dual lens, He-Ne laser  P>3.0 MW (λ= 632.8nm)
Auxiliary green semiconductor laser (λ= 405 nm) P>2.0MW ,
Laser Safety Class 1
Wet dispersion Ultrasonic Frequency:40KHz   Power:60W,   Time: ≥1S
Stir Revolutions Speed: 0-3000RPM (Adjustable)
Circulate Rated Flow:30L/min    Rated Power:70W
Sample tank Volume:1000mL
Micro- Volume: 10mL ( Available)
Sample cuvette
Dry dispersion Dry-turbulence dispersion patent, normal shock wave shear technique
Feeding Speed Adjustable (Variable speed knob)
Operation Mode Full automatic / manual control, freely choose
Dispersion medium Compressed Air, pressure: 0 to 6 bar
Optical bench alignment system Full automatic, precision is up to 0.2um
Measurment Time Wet: <2 Min   Dry : <1min  Typical measuring time<10S
Outer dimension(L*W*H) 104×44×54cm
Net Weight 70Kg


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