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Oil Test Centrifuge, CFG-5D(Oil)

  • Speed:5000 r/min
  • RCF:4730×g
  • Capacity:4×100mL

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It is an ideal equipment for the oil extraction industry and petroleum scientific research units to measure the water content of the produced fluid (i.e. the water-containing crude oil) in the oil field production process.


  1. The high-definition touch screen “intelligent system” displays the display interface at the same time, in addition to the rotation speed, running time, temperature, and acceleration and deceleration gears. It also displays the currently selected rotor specification and model, maximum rotation speed and maximum centrifugal force, door cover opening and closing status, real-time date and time, etc.
  2. Adopt large torque brushless frequency conversion motor, easy to operate; maintenance-free, no dust, fast lifting speed, greatly improving work efficiency.
  3. It adopts a ring heater, which heats quickly and has uniform temperature. It has temperature control and constant temperature functions to meet the temperature requirements of the centrifuge in the petroleum industry.
  4. Automatic electric induction door lock, emergency door opening function; automatic protection for overspeed and imbalance; the body is made of high-quality steel structure, built-in stainless steel explosion-proof protective inner sleeve, stainless steel centrifugal chamber, three-layer protection, safe and reliable.
  5. A spring taper sleeve is used to connect the rotor and the spindle. Loading and unloading the rotor is fast and simple, non-directional, safe and reliable, and more convenient to use.
  6. The centrifuge bucket is made with a special process and is designed to reduce vibration according to the characteristics of silicate glass. The bottom of the alloy aluminum cupis made of PA polymer pad to effectively protect the glass tube during the centrifugation process. If necessary, a small amount of hot water can be injected for balancing or protecting the glass tube.
  7. It is equipped with a fault self-diagnosis system, which can automatically detect various faults such as over-speed,over-temperature,imbalance, door cover self-locking, etc., and display fault information in the display window to improve the safety performance of the instrument.


Model CFG-5D (Oil)
Max. Speed 5000r/min
Max. RCF 4730×g
Max. Capacity 4×100mL
Speed Accuracy ±10r/min
Timing Range 1s~99h59min59s
Temperature Range RT.+10℃~80℃
Temperature Accuracy ±2℃
Sound Emission ≤60dB(A)
Electricity AC220V, 50Hz, 10A
External Dimension 700*500*400mm
N.W./G.W. 67kg/93kg
Shipping Dimension 890*590*570mm(wooden box)


Rotor Picture Max.Speed Max.RCF Max. Capacity
Swing Rotor rotor 2000rpm 957×g 4×100mL

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