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Refrigerated Centrifuge, Low Speed, CFGR-6Y

  • Speed:6000r/min
  • RCF:6600×g
  • Capacity:6×1000ml
  • Temperature Range: -20℃ – 40℃

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It is widely used in blood stations, pharmaceutical factories, biochemistry, biological products and other production and scientific research units, and is also an ideal instrument for blood separation, protein precipitation, and cell separation and collection.


Accurate speed control

  • High torque brushless frequency conversion motor, maintenance-free, no dust, fast lifting speed.
  • The flexible shaft drive system directly drives the rotor to protect the motor, with precise speed control, stable operation, low vibration and low noise.
  • Precise temperature control using “Automatic thermostatic control system regulation technology”.
  • Adopt imported custom-made CFC-free compressor unit, high-quality copper tube wrapped in centrifugal cavity, full tin welding technology, double-circulation pipeline, improve refrigeration efficiency

Ergonomic and structural design

  • All-steel structure, 304 stainless steel centrifugal chamber, multi-layer protection design; three-stage vibration reduction, automatic balance function.
  • The door cover of the instrument is equipped with double hydraulic rods to reduce the operation load; the front operation panel, the door cover is opened backwards, which comfortable to operate.
  • Precise control by microcomputer processor, eye-catching red digital display, button programming;

High safety and reliability

  • Induction automatic electric suction door lock, and emergency door opening device; self-check and protection of door lock, over-speed, over-temperature, unbalance, etc., safe and reliable.
  • Aeronautical aluminum rotor, surface anti-corrosion, hardening treatment, high strength, fast heat conduction, improve experimental efficiency and protect sample temperature.
  • 10 sets of common programs can be stored and recalled, 10 sets of acceleration rates and 10 sets of deceleration rates for users to choose flexibly to achieve the best centrifugal effect.


Model CFGR-6Y
Max.Speed 6000r/min
Max. RCF 6600×g
Max.Capacity 6×1000ml
Speed Accuracy ±10r/min
Temperature Range -20℃~40℃
Temperature Accuracy ±1℃
Timer 1~9h59min
Sound Emission ≤65dBA
Electricity AC220/110V, 50/60Hz
Dimension(L*D*H) 800×740×930mm
Net Weight 310kg
Package Dimension(L*D*H) 1000×880×1350mm

Matched Rotors

Rotors No. Rotor type Max. Speed(rpm) Max. Volume(ml) Max.RCF(×g)
No.30298 Swing Rotor 4200 6×1000ml(Round cup) 5100×g
4200 6×1200ml(Elliptic cup) 5100×g
Blood bag adapter(12 bags of 200ml blood bags or 6 bags of 400-500ml blood bags )
No.30223 Angle rotor 6000 6×500ml 6600×g


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