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Shaking incubator, ICB-S100B, ICB-S200B, ICB-S100D, ICB-S200D, ICB-SL100F, ICB-SL200F

  1. Capacity: 70L
  2. Convolution/Reciprocate Shaking
  3. Unidimensional/Track Drive
  4. P.I.D Microprocessor Chip Control
  5. LCD display

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Desktop Constant Temperature Shaker has intelligent refrigeration frost-free operation technology, which can make the equipment run stably for a long time at low temperature, with automatic defrosting function; ultra-low speed operation, after the speed is out of control, it will automatically lock and the starting speed can be adjusted.
1. Advanced USB data automatic record, download, and processing system. It has large storage and automatic recording & saving in the full test processing. The data could be directly downloaded by USB or automatically downloaded by wireless.
2. Automatic analyzing, listing table, charting and printing on downloaded dates. It can trace back to the whole process of the experiment in order to optimize the reaction conditions and choose the test method to confirm the experiment process.
3. High-quality servo motor.Speed control is accurately, noiseless, durable and high efficiency.
4. Multi-step rotate speed, temperature and time control systems. Different rotational speeds, temperatures and times can be set at one time; the operation model can be automatically converted during operation.
5. Slow accelerate and decelerate design. Slowly start and stop, prevent bacteria or cells to shear force is too large and damage.
6. Advantaged air duct design. Air duct design contributes to high-precision temperature uniformity.
7. Automatic defrosting function. It makes shakers operating stably in low temperature for a long time.
8. High-precision speed control. PID feedback control, the motor speed is stable and accurate, the accuracy of ± 1RPM
9. High-precision temperature control. PID feedback control, the measurement accuracy of 0.1 °C. Audible and visual alarm, when the measured temperature deviation from the set value ≥ ± 3 °C,
10. Unique drive system. It makes the machine running smoothly, stably, durably and reliably.
11. Open door protection.When the door opens, the machine stops running to protect the safety of the operator.
12. LCD display with bright illumination. Running parameters and statues are clearly displayed on the LCD screen for easy visualization and programming.
13. Memorized and protected operating parameters. Unexpected power outage, the original set-up process can be automatically resumed.
14. Continuously running or timing. Shakers can display the set time and time remaining
15. Unique slow-start design. Preventing the shake-flask liquid splashing caused by a sudden start, effectively guaranteeing the accuracy of quantitative experiments. Clock and date can be displayed (touch screen only).


Model ICB-S100B ICB-S200B ICB-S100D CB-S200D ICB-SL100F ICB-SL200F
Capacity(L) 70
Circulation Forced  convection
Drive Mode Unidimensional drive Track drive
Shake Mode Convolution
Orbit Diameter(mm) Φ26 Φ0-50
Cyclotron Frequency Range (rpm/min) 0(to do static culture), 20-450 0(to do static culture), 20-600 0(to do static culture),20-260
Resolution (rpm) ±1
Temperature Range (℃) RT +5 ~ 65 4~ 65 (RT:25) RT +5 ~ 65 4~ 65 (RT:25) RT +5 ~ 65 4~ 65 (RT:25)
Fluctuation (℃) ≤0.1(37℃)
Resolution (℃) ± 0.1
Uniformity (℃) ± 0.6(37℃)
Dimension(W*D*H) External (mm) 750*710*520
Platform(mm) 450*410 410*360
Flask Clamp Max. Capacity 100ml*23 or 250ml*15 or 500ml*9 or 1000ml*6 or 2000ml*4 100ml*23 or 250ml*15 or 500ml*9 or 1000ml*6 or 2000ml*4
Standard Capacity 500ml*3
Sticky Mat(Optional) Max. Capacity 100ml*30 or 250ml*20 or 500ml*9 or 1L*8 or 2L*4 100ml*21 or 250ml*16 or 500ml*9 or 1L*5 or 2L*4
Controller PID microcomputer
Control Mode Fixed value mode , static mode, multi-segment program control mode
Display Large high efinition LCD
Timer 0-9999h (or continuous operation)
Refrigerant / R134a (CFC free) / R134a (CFC free) / R134a (CFC free)
Defrosting Mode / Automatic / Automatic / Automatic
Safety Device Self-diagnosis ; visible& audible over temperaure ,abnormal status alarm
Electricity Voltage/Frequency(V/Hz) AC 220/110V, 50/60Hz
Consumption (W) 550 650 550 650 550 650
N.W./G.W. (kg) 75/105 95/120 75/105 90/120 75/105 90/120
Package Dimension (W*D*H) (mm) 870*870*700 870*870*700 870*870*705 880*880*710 870*870*705 870*870*705
Optional Fixture、7 inches touch screen (USB data storage)、UV sterilization device、Illumination

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