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Stainless Steel Glove Box, GB-STX1 GB-STX2 GB-STX3

  • Vacuum degree of transition and operation box:0.1Mpa
  • Gas:Argon, Helium, Nitrogen (99.99% purity)
  • Special sealing latex gloves
  • Observationwindow is wide, clear and bright

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The glove box allows the test samples to be put in and taken out safely, and can be operated, reacted and tested freely in an oxygen-free and anhydrous state, ensuring the normal conduct of scientific experiments. This product is an ideal device for universities, scientific research units, and enterprise laboratories to carry out scientific experiments.


1.Two transition boxes are designed to save the protective atmosphere and operation time to the greatest extent, and ensure the working environment in the chamber.
2.The entire cabinet is made of stainless steel, corrosion resistant and easy to clean, no pollution.
3.The observation window is wide, clear and bright.
4.There is a porous electrical socket in the glove box, which is convenient to scientific experiments
5.Can be equipped with electric furnace in the box for partial heating.
6.Special sealing latex gloves are used for operation gloves,with reliable sealing.


Vacuum degree of operation box 0.1Mpa
Vacuum degree of transition box 0.1Mpa
Tray of transition box N Y Y
Gas Argon, Helium, Nitrogen (99.99% purity)
Material thickness 3mm 6mm 6mm
Dimension of  transition box Φ200*270 Φ280*350 Φ340*400
Dimension of  small transition box N N Φ120*160
Rack N Single Single
Diameter of glove box Φ145mm Φ145mm Φ200mm
Dimension of observation window 600*300mm 750*400mm 1200*1500mm
Valve 2 inlet valve

2 outlet valve

Light 1
Electricity 220V/10A
Dimensions(L*W*H) 1170*760*900mm 1370*760*900mm 1880*840*1100mm
Weight 120kg 218kg 366kg


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