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Biological Indicators, BI Series

  • Type: Hydrogen peroxide, Pressure steam, Ethylene oxide
  • Training time: 20min/1h/3h
  • High-efficiency and accurate test results
  • Self-contained design, reducing the risk of cross-contamination

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When the fast biological indicators are used with the biological reader, it can detect whether there are living spores of St. Thermophilus through the enzyme activity, and further determine whether there are bacteria alive. It is suitable for testing whether the treatment results of disinfection and sterilization equipment are qualified.


  • Self-contained design

The self-contained design greatly reduces the risk of cross-contamination, avoids false positive results, and improves the accuracy of monitoring.

  • Efficient monitoring

With the high-efficiency monitoring, the incubation time is as short as 20 minutes for the detection of sterilization effects, which greatly improves the monitoring efficiency.

  • Safe and reliable

The unique polymer carrier and activated medium can ensure the stability of spore resistance and the accuracy of monitoring results.

  • Accurate monitoring

Biological indicator can provide high-efficiency and accurate test results in accordance with domestic and international standards.

  • Cost-efficient

It can reduce the cost of infection caused by the failure to detect the results of sterilization precisely as well as other costs caused by hospital infections, and ensure the safety of medical staff and patients.

  • User-centered design

The incubation operation is simple. It is easy to store and read the incubation results.


Biological Indicator
Model BI-20H BI-1H BI-1S BI-3S BI-3EO


Hydrogen peroxide Pressure steam Ethylene oxide
20min 1 h 1h 3h 3h
Method of sterilization Low temperature hydrogen peroxide plasma Low temperature hydrogen peroxide plasma Pressure steam Pressure steam Ethylene oxide
Packaging (pcs/box) 50 50 50 50 50
Detection result If there is any doubt about the judgment result by fluorescence detection, it can be continued in channel culture for 24 or 48 hours, and the result can be given by visually observing whether the indicator changes co!or or not.

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