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Biological Reader, BR Series

  • Low temperature hydrogen peroxid, Pressure steam, Ethylene oxide,3-in-1
  • Detection time: 20min/1h/3h
  • Real-time self-test and safety protection
  • Online monitoring with sterilizer and quality traceability system

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By using spectral analysis, biological reader to quickly detect whether there are living bacteria according to the fluorescence changes of fast biological indicators containing specific enzyme spores. It is suitable for testing the treatment results of sterilization equipment. It is suitable for fast and effective monitoring of the high or low temperature sterilization effects of medical instruments performed in medical facilities, laboratory, and health care centers.


  • Intelligent identification

The device can identify most non-indicator items precisely. After the identification, it will automatically start incubation without manual confirmation. If you need to take the indicator out and check its status during incubation, the system will continue the incubation process as tong as you put it back within the specified time. When there is an warning reminder, just touch the screen and the warning will be stopped.

  • Intelligent warning

The system has real-time self-test and safety protection functions for malfunction. Corresponding sound and light reminders will be generated for device failure and incubation results. Users can be informed of the incubation results without looking at the screen.

  • Intelligent monitoring

Independent display of current status, time-to-result countdown, channel status, incubation results of each indicator; open communication protocol Mich allows online monitoring with sterilizer and quality traceability system.

  • Smart query

The incubation history can be viewed on the supporting monitoring software, and can also be printed out in the form of a report. Through this software, the biological incubation results can be associated with the sterilization records, and traceable queries can be established.

  • User-centered design

The incubation operation is simple, the breaking unit for ampoule and the dust-proof unit are convenient and properly designed. The incubation process can be checked and monitored in real time, which is convenient and labor-saving.


Biological Reader
Model 3-in-1 Low temperature hydrogen peroxid Pressure steam Ethylene oxide
Dimensions (L*W*H) 280*280*118 (mm) 280*280*118 (mm) 280*280*118 (mm) 280*280*118 (mm) 280*280*118 (mm) 280*280*118 (mm)
Incubation holes 10 10 10 10 10 10
Incubation temperature 57±1°C 57±1°C 57±1°C 60±2°C 60±2°C 37±2°C
Detection time Pressure steam 1h-3h hydrogen peroxide 1h 20min 1h 1h 3h ≤3h

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