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Fully automated tissue processor, TSP-3E

  1. Number of Cups: 14
  2. Capacity of Single Cup: 2000 ml
  3. Operation mechanisms: 2 sets
  4. Basket capacity: 2 basket130 pcs/basket
  5. Frequency of Agitation: Adjustable 0-6 times/minute
  6. Temperature Range: RT – 80℃ ±1℃

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  1. High-precision, low-noise, and wear-resistant photoelectric positioning system
  2. Two sets of operation mechanisms doubles the processing capacity. Optional single-mechanism mode for processing a small number of tissue specimens easing the operation
  3. Scrolling processing mode multiplies the processing capacity of the system. A processed basket can be continuously used following another basket that is in processing without interruption, thus achieving a continuous cycling operation
  4. 20 editable programs for each of A and B mechanisms can be stored in the system
  5. Integrated high-quality colored super large LCD touch-screen
  6. Fully intelligent design, enabling timely determination and automatic recovery from an abnormal event
  7. Real-time visual simulation with icons displays working status dynamically, clearly and intuitively
  8. Green inner-cycling air purification system
  9. This system can be automatically started at any time as programmed (Setting Rang 0-99 hours and 0-59 minutes)
  10. Power Protection Station: Station 7 for A basket and Station 5 for B basket, ensuring continued operation during a power outage.
  11. Automated fan and light control
  12. Internal dry heating mechanism and triple protection channels offer high-precision automatic gradient temperature control
  13. Low-energy-consuming control circuit with power protection function. Battery backup with more than 30 hours of running power
  14. Manual operation can be conducted anytime during the programmed automatic operation, allowing user to check or add tissue specimens during the operation
  15. 250 or more specimens can be processed at the same time


Number of Cups  14(10 for reagents, and the cups at the 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14thstations are used for paraffin melting)
Baskets  2 baskets,Dehydration basket is divided into three layers to ease the categorization of tissue.
Capacity of Each Cup  2000 ml
Temperature range  RT – 80℃
Temperature Control Precision  ±1℃
Length of Processing Time in the Cup  Any length between 0 and 99 hours for the 1st and 2nd cup,Any length between 0 and 24 hours for the 3nd to 14th cup
Dripping Time  Adjustable within 10s – 60s; shake/drip above cup
Frequency of Agitation  0 – 6 times/min adjustable
Working Voltage  AC 220V±10% 50Hz (standard model); AC110V±10% 60Hz
Power  550 W
Dimensions  1370×440×525 mm (W×D×H)
Weight  102 kg


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