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Automated Tissue Processor, Mini-type, TSP-1

  1. Number of Cups: 12
  2. Capacity of Single Cup: 700 ml
  3. Basket capacity: 40 pcs
  4. Frequency of Agitation: 2 times/minute
  5. Temperature Range: RT – 80℃

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  1. APS-coated, streamline-design, sturdy housing with high resistance to corrosion
  2. Economical, reagent saving, practical design with small footprint and low cost
  3. Two sets of operating programs and two sets of time-extending programs; all built-in programs have memory function
  4. Single-chip computer control technology allows a complete set of functions
  5. Well-sealed plexiglass cover with gas-effluxion mechanism, environmentally friendly and safe
  6. Large-capacity reagent cup: more than 40 tissue specimens can be processed simultaneously
  7. Not affected by short blackouts or power outages during operation
  8. Manual adjustment can be conducted anytime during the programmed automatic operation; afterwards, the system automatically enters the programmed operation
  9. Internal dry heating mechanism with high-precision temperature control
  10. Two-dimensional, flexible transmission system, low noise, wear-resistant
  11. High-precision photoelectric positioning control system to ensure reliable operation and precise positioning
  12. Fully intelligent design, enabling timely determination and recovery from an abnormal event


Model TSP-1
Number of Cups 12 (9 for reagents, 3 for paraffin)
Capacity of Each Cup 700 ml
Length of Processing Time in the Cup Any length between 0 and 99 hours for the first cup; Any length between 0 and 24 hours for the other cups
Temperature Range RT – 80℃
Dripping Time Approximately 30 s
Frequency of Agitation 2 times/minute
Tissue Protection Cup at the 7th station
Working Voltage AC220V±10% 50Hz (standard model) AC110V±10% 60Hz
Power Requirements 500 W
Heating Control heating automatically begins when the tissue enters the 2nd cup, thus avoiding unnecessary energy waste
Dimensions 795×435×415 mm (W×D×H)
Weight 50kg

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