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Grating Portable Spectrophotometer, SP-CLR660A,B

  • Observer Angle:2°/10°
  • Integrating Sphere Size:φ40mm
  • Wavelength Interval:10nm
  • Wavelength Range:400-700nm
  • Measuring Aperture:Type A:10mm;Type B:4mm, 6mm

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It can be used for color matching in various industries, and is widely used in the quality control of painting industry, textile industry, plastic industry, food industry, building materials industry and other industries.


1. Adopt D/8 optical structure and SCI/SCE mode.

Adopts D/8(diffused illumination, 8-degree viewing angle) which is widely applicable in the world, and SCI/SCE (specular component included/specular component excluded).

2.The camera can clearly observe the measured area.

The built-in camera is used for view taking and positioning. Through real-time view taking, it can accurately determine whether the measured part of the object is the target center, which improves the measurement efficiency and accuracy.

3.Uses CLEDs light source—Entire wavelength balanced LED light source

LED light source that has balanced intensity across visible spectrum avoids the spectral deficiency in certain parts of the spectrum in common white LEDs, and guarantees measurement speed and results’ accuracy.

4.Adopts Every Time Calibration Technology (ETC)

The innovative ETC (Every Time Calibration) and standard whiteboard included in the optical system allow reliable accuracy and repeatability in every measurement.

5.Free Color QC software

Our spectrophotometer comes with the color QC software, which is applicable in various industries’ quality control and management of color data.

It converts colors into numerical data, compares color differences, and generates measurement reports. Moreover, it provides measurement data in different color spaces and customizes color management for each customer.

6. Automatic gloss compensation technology

The automatic gloss compensation technology guarantees the accuracy of color measurement data for surfaces of different gloss.

7.Innovative light splitting SCS optical engine

Adopt innovative single-grating-double-beam light splitting system: SCS optical engine, creates the best measurement repeatability for portable spectrophotometers in the industry, ensuring accurate measurement of material surface color.

8.Complete light sources

Compared with similar products, our spectrophotometer provides the most complete 28 kinds of standard light sources for lighting conditions and 40 kinds of measured color value indicators;

Measurement methods can also be customized according to your requirements to meet all your color measurement needs.


Model SP-CLR660A SP-CLR660B
Optical Geometry D/8(Diffused illumination, 8°viewing);SCI(specular component included)/SCE(specular component excluded)simultaneous measurement (conform to CIE No.15、ISO 7724/1、ASTM E1164、DIN 5033 Teil7、 JIS Z8722 Condition c standards)
 Light Source CLEDs( Full waveband balanced LED light source)
Integrating Sphere Size φ40mm, Avian diffused reflection surface coating
Sensor Dual optical path sensor array
Measuring Aperture 10mm 4mm, 6mm
Wavelength Range 400-700nm
Wavelength Interval 10nm
Half Spectral Width 5nm
Measured Reflectance Range 0-200%
Reflectance Resolution 0.01%
Observer Angle 2°/10°
Illuminant A,C,D50,D55,D65,D75,F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6,F7,F8,F9,F10,F11,F12,DLF,TL83,TL84,NBF,U30,CWF
Display Reflectance graph/value, sample chromatic value, color difference values, color assessment results, color tendency, display measurement area, history color value simulation, manual input standard sample, generate measurement reports
Measuring Time Interval 0.5s
Measurement Time 1s
Color Space CIE-L*a*b, L*C*h, L*u*v, XYZ, Yxy, Reflectance

Hunterlab,Munsell MI,CMYK,RGB,HSB

Color Difference Formula ΔE*ab, ΔE*CH, ΔE*uv, ΔE*cmc(2:1), ΔE*cmc(1:1),ΔE*94,ΔE*00

ΔEab(Hunter),555,color classification

Other Colorimetric Index WI(ASTM E313-10,ASTM E313-73,CIE/ISO, AATCC, Hunter, Taube Berger, Ganz, Stensby); YI(ASTM D1925,ASTM E313-00,ASTM E313-73);Tint(ASTM E313,CIE,Ganz)

Metamerism index Milm, Stick color fastness, Color fastness

ISO luminance, 8 gloss, A density, T density, M density, E density,Covering power, force,Opacity, color strength

Repeatability Reflectance: standard deviation within 0.08%
Chromaticity values: ΔE*ab<=0.015


Battery Rechargeable, 10000 continuous tests, 7.4V/6000mAh
Interface USB
Data Storage 20000 test results
Illuminant Life Span 1.5 million measurements in 5 years
Inter-instrument Error ΔE*ab within 0.2(BCRA color charts II, average of the 12 charts)
Screen True color screen that includes all colors
Operating Environment 0~45℃, relative humidity 80% or below( at 35°C ),no condensation
Storage Environment -25℃~ 55℃,relative humidity 80% or below(at 35°C ),no condensation
Standard Accessory Power line, operating manual, color QC software, driving software, electric operating manual, USB cable, white/black calibration tile and cover, canvas bag, verification certification
Optional Accessory Powder molding device, micro printer
External Dimension


Net Weight About 0.55kg (excluding battery’s weight)

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