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Low Speed Centrifuge, Benchtop, CFG-5B

  1. Max. Speed: 5000r/min
  2. Max. RCF: 4020×g
  3. Max.Capacity: 6×50ml

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This series of centrifuge separation technology is a new technology developed according to the state of particles in a practical centrifugal occasion; It is suitable for experiments and scientific research in the fields of biochemistry, hospital clinical testing, etc.


1. Drive: brushless DC motor drive, maintenance-free, high torque, fast lifting speed, special combination of shock absorption device to make the motor run smoothly.

2. Display: intelligent control, touch panel, intuitive digital display, operating parameters can be automatically memorized, and RCF can be set directly.

3. Machine body: Themachinebody adopts high-quality steel structure, stainless steel centrifugal chamber, durable and easy to clean.

4. Security: It has multiple protection functions such as door cover, overspeed and unbalance to ensure safe and reliable operation.

5. Control: parameters such as speed and time can be set directly, which is convenient to use.


Model CFG-5B
Max. Speed 5000r/min
Max. RCF 4020×g
Max.Capacity 6×50ml
Speed Accuracy ±30r/min
Time Setting 0~99min
Noise ≤58dB
Motor Brushless DC motor, microcomputer control
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz 8A
Dimensions(L×D×H) 430×340×250mm
Packaging Size(L×D×H) 600*360*430mm
Net Weight/ Gross Weight 20kg/ 22kg

Available rotor and centrifuge tube

Rotor NO. Max. Capacity Max. Speed Max. RCF Dimension  of Centrifuge Tube
Angle Rotor 12×20ml 5000r/min 4020×g
Angle Rotor 6×50ml 5000r/min 4020×g
Angle Rotor 24×10ml 5000r/min 4020×g
NO.42Angle rotor 12×15ml 5000r/min 4020×g Φ28×105-115


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