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Microplate Reader, MPR-A300

  • Microplate types:6/12/24/48/96/384 wells
  • Function: Absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence
  • 10-inch LCD display
  • Support PC(PC software requires a fee) software, Win7 to Win10 64 bit

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It is equipped with a 10-inch touch screen, no need to connect a computer. The layout, operating parameters, and algorithm settings and the other information can be completed by a single machine.


  • Offers affordable high performance detection solutions, powered by monochromator and filterbased technologies.
  • A high performance multimode detection instrument to provide a simple means of detectingadvanced chemistry.
  • Compatible with the customers modular upgraded functions. Users can upgrade to equip the low volume u-Nano Ultra-Micro plate and the automatic injector as your need.
  • The instrument is operated by an Android system, a 10-inch touch screen, APP software, which provides quick-to-use and easy navigation through the control options. Exporting your result and dataare seamless with a variety of options, including export to your local data network.
  • The built-in software of the instrument includes multiple algorithm analysis functions of standard curve, qualitative and quantitative, basic calculation, kinetics, spectroscopy and etc.
  • It has a code scanning function, which can not only identify the filters information, but also create a QR code for the experimental program or standard curve. Researcher can quickly import the experimental program into the instrument through the QR code.


Basic Information
Model MPR-A300
Function Absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence
Microplate Types 6/12/24/48/96/384 wells
Light Source High energy xenon flash lamp
Detector PD
Wavelength Accuracy 2nm
Wavelength Repeatability(SD) 0.2nm
Half Width (FWHM) <2.5nm
Wavelength Range 200-1000nm, 1nm step
Measuring Range 0-4 OD
Resolution 0.0001 OD
Accuracy 96-precision mode ±(1.0 %+0.003Abs) @ (0.0-2.0Abs]±2.0 % @ (2.0-3.0Abs]
Repeatability CV < 1.0 % or SD< 0.003 Fast (0.0-3.0Abs]

CV < 0.5 % or SD< 0.003 Accurate (0.0-3.0Abs]

Stray Light 0.1 % @ 220nm
Linear R2>0.999 @ [0.0-3.0Abs]
Reading Time 96-well plate: fast <15s
Reading Mode Top reading
Excitation Light Source High energy xenon lamp
Detector PMT
Wavelength Range EX: 200-1000nm; EM: 270-850nm
Filter EX / EM 3 groups: EX470/EM525, EX523/EM564, EX624/EM692 (other wavelengths can be replaced)
Detection Limit ≤1pm
Linear Dynamic Range 6 logs
Detector PMT
Detection Limit 15amol / hole
Linear Dynamic Range 6 logs
Crosstalk ≤0.005 %
Shaking & Incubation
Shaking Mode Linear, circular, double circular
Incubation Temperature RT. +4 °C to 45 °C
Temperature Uniformity ±0.5 °C @37 °C
Software Interface English
Screen Size 10-inch LCD display
Operation Method Touch capacitive screen; use mouse
Data Capacity 10GB
Compatibility Support PC software, Win7 to Win10 64 bit
Data Transmission and printer Test data report can be uploaded to PC server via FTP.Connect the printer through the PC end
Instrument Port 2 USB A type ports / 1 USB B type port

1 Ethernet port

RS 232 bus interface (injector connection)

Electricity AC 100~240 V, 50~60 Hz
Power 160W, 24V, 6.67A (can be adjusted according to hardware requirements)
External Dimension(W*D*H) 420*550*386 mm
N.W./G.W. 33kg/70kg
Package Dimension(W*D*H) 800*780*800mm
u-Nano Ultra-Micro Plate (Optional)
Number of Samples 1-16
Sample Detection Volume 2-4μL
Automatic Injector Module (Optional)
Quantity 1, 2
Dispensing Volume 5-1000μL, 1μL increment
Liquid Injection Speed 125-500μL / s
Accuracy ±1μL @ 5-50μL ±2% @ 51-1000μL
Waste Liquid Collection 50mL
PC Software (Optional) Readerlt-ll
Modular Filter (Optional)
ABS Optical Performance Validation Board(Optional)


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