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Elisa Reader, MPR-A200HT,MPR-A200

  • Microplate Type: 96/384 wells
  • Optical System: Monochromator, 1nm step
  • Detection Mode: Absorbance
  • Light Source: Xenon flash lamp

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It’s a high-quality microplate reader based on a monochromator with a wavelength range of 200~1000nm. It can be used for spectral scanning, endpoint method and kinetic detection. Suitable for 96-well plates and 384-well plates with and without lids.


High Quality Data and Stable Performance

  • Double beam optional system has the reference optional channel system, which make the data more stable;
  • After the instrument is started, the light source, grating, detector, position, etc. are automatically calibrated to ensure stable and reliable operation of the instrument;
  • Long life xenon lamp which can be used for 109

Choose Detection Wavelength Freely with Raster

It adopts the xenon flash lamp as light source, which chooses the wavelength range from 200-1000nm with 1nm step by grating monochromator for the full spectrum scanning.

u-Nano Ultra-Micro PlateOptional

  • Quickly complete high-throughput quantification of micro nucleic acid and proteins without samples dilution;
  • Independent lower computer software, can quickly read the sample concentration and purity report;
  • 1~16 samples can be detected at the same time, only 2~4μL sample volume is needed;
  • During continuous testing, you only need to wipe off the last batch of samples with dust-free paper.
  • Printer: Connect the printer through the PC end.

Powerful and Flexible Software

  • User authority classification;
  • Powerful data analysis and process;
  • Standard curve library;
  • FTP (File transfer protocol);
  • Multiple report export types;
  • Printer: Connect the printer through the PC end.

Cuvette Mode (only for MPR-A200HT)

  • Independent cuvette slot;
  • Detection wavelength 200~1000nm;
  • With incubation function, RT.+4 °C ~45 °C;
  • Independent cuvette software can be directly used for endpoint method, kinetics, spectral scanning and standard curve establishment.


Model MPR-A200 MPR-A200HT
Cuvette Mode NO YES
Microplate Type 96/384 wells
Detection Mode Absorbance
Light Source Xenon flash lamp/number of flashes>109
Wavelength Range 200~1000nm
Wavelength Accuracy 2nm
Wavelength Repeatability 0.2nm
Optical System Monochromator, 1nm step
Reading Range 0~4.0OD
Bandwidth <2.5nm
Detection System 2 silicon photodetectors, one for measurement, one for reference
Linear @450nm R2≥0.999, [0.0-3.0 Abs]
Absorbance Accuracy @450nm ± (1.0 % + 0.003 Abs), (0 ~2.0 Abs]; ± 2.0 %, (2.0 ~ 2.5 Abs]
Absorbance Repeatability


CV<0.5 % or SD<0.003 accurate mode; CV<1.0% fast mode
Measuring Speed 96-well plate: fast mode <8 seconds, accurate mode <28 seconds (end point method)
Shaking Linear, 3 speeds adjustable
Temperature Range RT.+4 °C~45 °C
Temp. Accuracy & Uniformity ±0.5 °C @37 °C, ±0.5 °C @37 °C
User Interface Built-in software, independent use
Optional Readerlt-II software, u-Nano Ultra-Micro Plate,

ABS Optical Performance Validation Board

Operation Display Touch screen input, Android system, 10-inch LCD display full board information, can be connected with keyboard and mouse
Internal Storage 16 G storage, can store more than 20,000 data files
Port 1 type B USB interface, 2 type A USB interfaces, 1 network port
Robotic Arm Compatibility Temporarily incompatible
Electricity DC 24 V, 6.67 A
External Dimension(W*D*H) 300*500*260 mm
N.W./G.W. 15.5kg/21kg
Package Dimension(W*D*H) 690*490*480mm


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