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Rotary Evaporator, lab-scale, REV-1000AX

  • Evaporating Flask Volume: 1L
  • Lift Mechanism: Automatic lift
  • Rotation Speed: 0~310RPM
  • Temperature Range: RT.~210℃

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Large-screen color touch screen multi-data display, menu interface.
Commonly used experimental data storage, one-button start, fast distillation.
Heating bath, Teflon coating, easy to clean, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance.
Safe operation function in an unmanned mode, automatic standby after the experiment.
The special bottle return knob design makes bottle return simple and convenient.
Built-in vacuum control system, automatic pressure relief, convenient and quick setting.
The structure is compact and small, and it takes up less space.
Automatic lifting, with safety stop function, and timing function design.
With USB interface data export, and printing function.
Vertical, the condenser tube is designed with a drip point and an anti-backflow device.
Integrated glass shaft, stable start, forward and reverse operation.
Anti-dry protection, over-temperature power failure warning, and automatic standby protection.
The heating bath is designed with a safety handle to prevent burns.
Sealing parts: sealed imported PTFE special process mold synthesis.

  • Heating pot, Teflon coating, easy to clean, corrosion-resistant, high temperature resistant
Rotary-Evaporator details
  • The special bottle returning knob design makes bottle returning simple and convenient



Model REV-1000AX
Use Range of Sample Bottle 25~1000ml
Rotation Speed Touch screen display, 0~310rpm/min
Vacuum Control Vacuum control range; 0~-0.1Mpa (0~1013mbar); precision ±1Mpa (, vacuum degree can be controlled arbitrarily.

Automatic pressure release at the end of the experiment, jog/one-key pressure release function; 10-stage gradient distillation program control, step-by-step control of vacuum degree during synthesis experiment chromatography vacuum distillation; commonly used 39 kinds of experimental data storage, one-key start, fast distillation.

Evaporation Capacity Max.25mL/min(H2O)
Equipment Vacuum The vacuum inside the equipment can reach 2mbar.
Temperature Adjustment Range Water and oil dual-purpose bath, water bath: room temperature ~99°C, ±0.5; oil bath: room temperature ~210°C, ±2°C;
Material of Heating Bath One-time forming Teflon coating, easy to clean, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance; heating pot with safety handle, shell heat insulation, prevent scald, moderate volume, rapid heating; equipped with a transparent protective cover: heat preservation, energy saving, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion splash.
Bath Dimension φ20*11.5cm (approximately 3.5L), the sliding base of the heating bath can freely move 120mm to the right.
Sample Bottle Forward rotation, reverse rotation, intermittent forward and reverse rotation, the intermittent time can be adjusted from 0 to 60s, which can be used for drying powder samples.
Temperature Control Dual touch screen control system, digital display, over-temperature warning, automatic lifting, automatic pressure relief, and equipment shutdown functions.
Temperature Setting Touch-type digital input setting, dual-screen control display, convenient and quick.
Safety Performance Anti-dry over-temperature early warning, abnormal rotating motor early warning, automatic lifting of the sample bottle to the highest;

Timing function (0~999min), when the preset time is reached, the equipment will automatically release the pressure, lift and lower the evaporating bottle automatically, and the equipment will be standby for early warning and protection.

Heater Fully enclosed heater. Power 1kW
Sealing Parts Imported PTFE special synthetic material is selected, and the abrasive tool is synthesized through special process technology to enhance sealing, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
Condenser Vertical, three-layer ball mill mouth serpentine condenser, condensation area 0.18m², with drop point and backflow design (effectively improve work efficiency).
Ambient Temperature 5~40℃
Electricity AC220V/50Hz
External Dimensions 55*36*64cm
Shipping Dimensions 67*50*46.5cm
G.W, 34kg
Factory Configuration Sample bottle 1L*1; recovery bottle S35# ball mill mouth collection bottle 0.5L*1.


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