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Rotary Evaporator, lab-scale, REV-2000AX, REV-3000AX, REV-5000AX

  1. Evaporating Flask Volume: 0.25-5L
  2. Lift Mechanism: Automatic lift
  3. Rotation Speed: 0~310rpm/min
  4. Temperature Range: Water Bath: RT.-99℃; Oil Bath: RT.-210℃
  5. IP(Ingress Protection):IP42

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Rotary evaporator is an evaporation instrument in the laboratory. It consists of a motor, a distillation bottle, a heating pot, a condenser tube and other parts.

  1. Unattended mode with safe operation function, which is in automatic standby mode after the experiment
  2. Vacuum protection design which prevents vapor from vacuum pump, so the vacuum pump is more durable
  3. Sealing made up of imported PTFE with special technique
  4. DC rotating motor of 70w power starts steadily
  5. Vertical condenser with drip point design prevents backflow
  6. Intermittent positive and negative rotating function with timer function for drying process
  7. Oil and water heating bath with safe handle, whose temperature range is from room temperature to 210℃
  8. Anti-dry auto-lifting and automatic standby function
Rotary-Evaporator details
  • Big color LCD screen with menu interface displaying several data; rotary switch easy to operate
  • Both touch screen control and button press type automatic lifting function
Special design of bottle
  • Special design of bottle pulling switch, which is easy to disassemble the evaporation flask(only REV-2000AX)



Model # REV-2000AX REV-3000AX REV-5000AX
Rotating Speed Color LCD Screen; 0~310rpm/min Color LCD Screen;

0-310rpm/min (Evaporating flask≤ 3L)

0-200rpm/min (Evaporating flask≤ 5L)

Evap. Capacity Max.25ml/min  (H2O) Max.27ml/min  (H2O) Max.43ml/min  (H2O)
Temp. range/precision Microcomputer PID controller; Water Bath:RT.-99℃±0.5℃;Oil Bath:RT.-210℃±2℃
Bath Material Integral Teflon compound heating bath with safe handle, which prevents from scald; the medium sized bath volume makes distillation fast.
Bath Size φ23*13cm(about 5.4L) φ26*15cm(about 8L) φ29*17cm(about 11L)
Positive&Negative Rotating Intermittent positive and negative rotating function with timing function (0-60s) for drying process.
Lift Automatic balance lifting which can be controlled by either button-press or Color LCD screen; the lifting length is 150mm, with fixed safety distance of 60mm, which prevents crashing.
Temp. Set Rotating switch coding for temperature setting with big LCD screen display.
Safety Anti-dry prevention function which makes flask automatic lifting; instrument will stop at the set timing (0-999min); automatic lifting and standby alarm protection in abnormal or over temperature state.
Heater Power 1.5kW 1.5kW 1.5kW
Evaporating flask Volume 0.25–2L 0.25–3L 0.25–5L
Sealing Imported PTFE and special complex compounded with special technique, which ensures good sealing and improves the anti-corrosion and durability property.
Condenser Vertical 3-layered coil condenser with big condensation area, equipped with drip point and backflow prevention, which effectively increases the evaporation efficiency.
Condense Area 0.18㎡ 0.21㎡ 0.31㎡
Environment Temp. 5℃~40℃
IP(Ingress Protection) IP42
Factory Configuration 29# grinding mouth integrated rotating shaft *1;

Sample Bottle: 29# Eggplant bottle 1L*1;

Recycling Bottle: S35 ball grinding mouth collection bottle 1L*1

Flange interface to 29# grinding interface*1;

Sample Bottle: 3L flange mouth round bottom bottle *1,

29# eggplant bottle 1L*1;

Recycling Bottle:S35 ball grinding mouth collection bottle 2L*1

Flange interface to 29# grinding mouth interface *1;

Sample Bottle: F50 flange mouth round bottom bottle 5L*1,

29# eggplant bottle 1L*1;

Recycling Bottle: S35 ball grinding mouth collection bottle 3L*1

Electricity AC220V/50Hz
Instrument Dimension(W*D*H)(mm) 660*420*830 700*430*860 740*440*960
Package Dimension(W*D*H)(mm) 740*670*530 710*645*790 810*710*890
G.W.(kg) 30 35 49
Optional:Vacuum controller for precise vacuum control.

Warning: The protection cap is only for water bath experiment. Please do not use in oil bath experiment.

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