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Nitrogen Evaporator (Water Bath ), NEC100-1

  • 12positions, each position is numbered
  • Accommodates sample in tubes(diameter 10~29mm), volume(1~ 50ml)
  • With liquid-level sensor, have alarming function when dry heating
  • The lifting needle valve controls the gas consumption at each position

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The Water Bath Nitrogen Evaporator/ Sample Concentration consists of a base and supporting assembly, sample holder and gas distribution system. Test tubes are placed by a spring-loaded sample holder and support tray. The gas passes through the flow meter to the distribution system. Flexible tubing leads gas to valve-tube assemblies at each position. Depending on the test-tube size and solvent volume, they can be individually raised or lowered to the correct height. Needles blow gas onto the surface of the solution resulting in rapid evaporation of the solvent.


  1. LCD display, easy operation; safe and reliable to use.
  2. Water bath provides gentle heat.
  3. Accommodates sample in tubes(diameter 10~29mm), volume(1~ 50ml).
  4. 12positions, each position is numbered.
  5. Blowing each sample independently.
  6. With liquid-level sensor, have alarming function when dry heating.
  7. The lifting needle valve controls the gas consumption at each position.
  8. All parts are anti-corrosion, durable in use, easy to clean.


 Project Parameters
Temp. range RT.+5℃~99℃
Time range 1min~99h59min/∞
Display accuracy ±0.1℃
Temp accuracy ≤±1℃
Temp uniformity(@60℃) ≤±1℃
Heating time(40℃-99℃) ≤30min
Samples position 12positions
Tube size φ10~φ29(liquid volume 1ml~50ml)
Max vertical travel 200mm
Max gas pressure 200Kpa
Max. gas usage 15L/min
Gas joint diameter φ8
Power 1000W
Fuse 250V 8A φ5×20
Dimension 390×300×850mm
Weight 10Kg


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