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Freezing Point Osmometer, FPO-2000

  • 7-inch color touch screen
  • Double refrigeration system
  • Temperature probe adopts the screw linear guide motor design

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The freezing point osmometer FPO-2000 is in accordance with Raoul freezing point theory, based on the solution freezing point declined value proportional to the solution molar concentration, using high sensitivity of temperature-sensing element, to measure the freezing point of different solutions, so as to derive the osmotic pressure molar concentration.


  • Humanized design, 7-inch color touch screen, English interface, easy and quick operation.
  • It has the functions of electronic signature and user classification management, to satisfy CFR PART21 store data query according to time which can store 3 years of testing data.
  • It can carry on single-point or multi-point (31-point) linear calibration, to ensure that the instrument has the detection accuracy of each range interval in stability.
  • Temperature probe adopts the screw linear guide motor design, so that the operation just on a touch screen can complete the whole test process.
  • It is equipped with high precision sensor, which has high measuring accuracy and good reproducibility.
  • It adopts double refrigeration system, with a short pre-cooling time, fast detection speed, to facilitate continuous detection.
  • A small amount of test sample can meet the demand in different areas.
  • It can simultaneously display the osmotic pressure molar concentration value, the freezing point value and the molar concentration ratio.
  • The cooling system adopts the athermal transfer fluid design, to exempt from frequent maintenance.
  • Built-in “Chinese pharmacopoeia” hundreds of injectable drug name can facilitate the preset information of test sample


Model FPO-2000
Measurement range 0~2000 mOsmol
Sample amount 100μl
Testing duration ≤3min
Pre-cooling time ≤3min
Measurement error ≤1%
Repeatability ≤1%
Linearity ≤1%
Environment temperature 0~30℃  Recommended for 15~25℃
Relatively humidity ≤60%
Electricity 220V~ 50Hz 150VA
Overall dimensions 225*275*345mm
Weight 15Kg
Resolution ratio 0.1


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