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Milk Analyzer, MA-H2

  1. 7-inch touch screen
  2. Built-in thermal printer
  3. Built-in automatic cleaning function
  4. WiFi networking and Bluetooth connection

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This product is mainly used for the determination of fat, protein, lactose, non-fat solids, density, water content, freezing point, ash content, and temperature in milk, goat milk, UHT milk, etc.

Ultrasonic detection principle
Android smart system, easier and faster to use.
7-inch touch screen provides a better operating and interactive experience.
Exquisite appearance design and streamlined internal pipelines.
Small sample requirements, good detection repeatability, and low power consumption.
The high-quality peristaltic pump is used to prevent milk scale residue.
Built-in automatic cleaning function requires simple cleaning and maintenance without chemical reagents.
Built-in thermal printer, can flexibly edit and print inspection reports.
Equipped with WiFi networking and Bluetooth connection functions.
Built-in large-capacity lithium battery, convenient for no-power or mobile detection.


Milk Analyzer
Model MA-H2
Parameters Test range Accuracy
Adipose 0.01%~45% ±0.06%
Protein 2%~15% ±0.15%
Lactose 0.01%~20% ±0.2%
Non-Fat Solid 3%~15% ±0.15%
Density 1000~1160kg/m³ ±0.3kg/m³
Moisture Content 0%~70% ±3%
Freezing Point -0.400°C~0.700°C ±0.005°C
Ash Content 0.4%~4% ±0.05%
Milk Temperature 5°C~40°C ±1°C
pH Value 0~14 ±0.05%
Conductivity 2~14mS/cm ±0.05% mS/cm


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