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Protein Analyzer, PA-12Y

  1. Dedicated kit
  2. More efficient and user-friendly operation
  3. Menu library of various types of samples

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Rapid detection of protein in milk powder, milk and dairy products. The instrument reserves the testing procedures and ports for other items, and can easily and independently add testing items according to future needs.

1. Detection method
The protein detection method conforms to the [national standard] “NYT 1678-2008”.
2. Instrument composition
It consists of a host, sample pretreatment tools and reagent packs, etc., suitable for field and laboratory use.
3. Optical system
Imported ultra-bright light-emitting diodes are used, and the light source and detector are all solid-state structures, with high accuracy and precision, strong stability, and controllable light source.The light source automatic switch energy-saving design is adopted, and the service life of the light source is more than 100,000 hours.
4. Built-in Curves
The instrument has a built-in working curve, no need to prepare a standard solution, and only after zero-point calibration with matching reagents, the rapid quantitative determination of the sample can be achieved.
5. The color development and measurement of the sample is a standard 1cm cuvette, which does not need to be transferred and improves the detection precision.
6. Consumables accessories
Provide complete special pre-processing equipment and consumables, one-stop service.
7. Dedicated kit
Equipped with special prefabricated reagents, shortening reagent preparation time, simple operation and convenient use.
8. More efficient and user-friendly operation
Android intelligent operating system adopts more efficient and user-friendly operation, the instrument has network cable connection, wifi network upload, GPRS wireless remote transmission function, and quickly upload data.
9. High degree of intelligence
The instrument has self-test function: it has power-on self-test and zero adjustment function, and has the function of automatic detection repeatability.
10. Detection channel
≥12 detection channels, can test multiple samples at the same time, each sample is controlled by the program to work independently, and will not interfere with each other.
11. Embedded thermal printer
Equipped with a new generation of embedded thermal printer: Manual printing or automatic printing can be selected, and the detection report and QR code can be automatically printed after the detection is completed.
12. Standard USB2.0 interface design
Adopt standard USB2.0 interface design, support U disk storage, drive-free installation, convenient data storage and movement, and can be directly connected to the computer at any time, and the computer can be used to control the instrument. Realize data query, browsing, analysis, statistics, printing, etc.
13. Instrument with regulatory platform
Test results can be directly uploaded wirelessly. Perform data analysis and processing, detect long-term and short-term trends such as dairy products, and achieve problem prediction and early warning.
14. Menu library of various types of samples
The instrument has a menu library of various types of samples, which can be flexibly selected to detect samples, and different detection channels can detect different sample items at the same time.
15. Simple and labor-saving
Sample processing is simple and labor-saving, and the overall operation is fast, safe and convenient.
16. Protection function
The instrument has its own protection function, user name and password can be set to prevent non-staff operation, etc.
17. Recalibrating, locking, and restoring to factory settings
The instrument has the functions of recalibrating, locking, and restoring to factory settings.


Model PA-12Y
Lower detection limit 0.5%
Detection range (0~50)%
Absorbance value range 0.000-4.000A
Repeatability ±0.1%(A)
Repeatability error Absorbance(A)≤0.003
Stability Photoelectric drift(A)±0.002(3minute)
Absorbance accuracy ±2.0%
Linearity error ±1.0%
Product dimensions 420*310*150mm
Packing dimensions 510*390*375mm
Product weight 3.4Kg
Packing weight 7Kg
Main control chip The main control chip adopts ARM Cortex-A7, RK3288/4-core processor, the main frequency is 1.88Ghz, the running speed is faster and the stability is stronger
Display method 7-inch LCD touch screen display, user-friendly operation interface, intuitive and simple reading
Battery DC 12V power supply, can be connected to vehicle power supply, can be equipped with 6AH large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, convenient for outdoor mobile testing.
Test items and results Test items can be expanded;

Test results can be printed in batches and uploaded in batches and the test results are in an Excel table, which can be copied by connecting to a computer.

Functions Intelligent constant current voltage regulation, automatic calibration of light intensity, no temperature drift phenomenon of light source when working continuously for a long time. Uninterrupted injection, continuous detection. Sample numbers are automatically accumulated.


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