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Veterinary Ultrasound Imaging Diagnostic Instrument, Full-Digital, US-VC6B

  • Full digital imaging high-definition image
  • 15 inch high resolution medical LCD display
  • Multi-frequency probe

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This product is widely applied in the examination of various tissues and organs such as liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney, bladder, uterus, pregnancy, etc., and diagnosis of lesions in small and medium-sized animals, also pregnancy diagnosis in reptiles, diagnosis in fish sexing and pregnancy examination and back-fat thickness measurement of cattle, sheep, horses, pigs, camels and other large animals and the measurement of their buttocks fat and muscle.


  • Full digital imaging high-definition image
  • USB storage interface and VGA, BNC and other video output interfaces
  • 15 inch high resolution medical LCD display
  • Built-in 3 hours battery
  • Multi-frequency probe
  • Movie playback and image storage capabilities
  • Built-in 8G mass storage
  • Dual probe interface
  • ARM system, powerful functions (including report editing function, support for laser printers, etc.)
  • Exquisite appearance
  • Backlight radium carved silicone keyboard
  • THI tissue harmonic imaging
  • One-click optimization function


Model US-VC6B
Display mode B,M,2B,B/M,4B
Grayscale 256-level grayscale, 4 pseudo-color functions
Overall gain 100dBA
Probe frequency 2-11MHz
Focus Real-time dynamic focus, 2 adjustable focus
Digital imaging technology Wide-angle imaging, panoramic point-by-point adaptive focusing technology, rolling M technology
Scanning depth 300mm
Image pre-processing Cloud processing technology, total gain, 8-segment TGC,dynamic range, frame correlation, line correlation, noise suppression
Image post-processing Image enhancement, grayscale atlas, pseudo-color atlas, tissue characteristic imaging, left-right flipping, top-bottom flipping
Movie playback 334-frame movie playback storage
Magnification 10 times step-less magnification


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