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Veterinary Ultrasound Imaging Diagnostic Instrument, US-MU10

  • Measurement: ≥8 kinds (pig, cattle, dog, horse, cat, goat, camel, sheep)
  • Scanning Depth: Max. 189mm, micro-convex probe
  • Probe Depth: 16 levels
  • Probe Frequency: 5levels

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This product has high cost performance, first-class digital imaging technology, provides clearer image integrity and rich graphic information processing functions.


  • Middle and small animals, liver, gallbladder,spleen, kidney, bladder, uterus and other tissues and organs inspection and diagnosis of lesions.
  • Pregnancy test and measurement of backfat thickness in large animals such as cattle,sheep,horses and pigs.


  • Lightweight and portable, the image is clearer and easy to operate.
  • Extra-long battery life with over 8hours of standby time and 4 hours of working time – useful for consultation in various environment of cities, towns, outdoor.
  • A variety of charging methods to ensure inspection and consultation underdifferent environments.
  • 2D image,1 inch LCDdisplay
  • Intelligent 8-segment TGC adjustment
  • Full-digital beam imaging technology
  • Optional:probe socket extended function,deal with multi-probe operation


Model US-MU10
Scanning Depth Max. 189mm, micro-convex probe
Measurement ≥8 kinds (pig, cattle, dog, horse, cat, goat, camel, sheep)
Probe Depth 16 levels
Probe Frequency  5 levels
Main Gain 0-100%
8 TGC Adjustable
Focus 4
Image Storage 4920 images
Pseudo Color 0-7
Scanning Area(Angle) 3 levels
Edge Enhancement 0-3
Linear Correlation 0-5
Gamma Correction 0-7
Frame Correlation 0-3
Dynamic Range 0-135
Cine Loop 512 frames
Body Mark ≥17 kinds, able to customize (pig *3, dog*2, cattle *2, horse *2, cat*2, goat *2, camel *2, sheep *2)
U Disk Support FAT32 format
Image Reversal Up/down, left/right, black/white
Probe(Optional) Convex probe
Veterinary backfat probe
Linear probe
Micto-convex probe
Veterinary tans-ractal probe
Probe Frequency: l Convex 3.5MHz:2.0MHz、2.5MHz、3.5MHz、4.0MHz、5.0MHz;

l Micro-convex 6.5MHz:5.0MHz、5.5MHz、6.5MHz、7.0MHz、7.5MHz;

l Linear/rectal 7.5MHz:5.5MHz、6.5MHz、7.0MHz、7.5MHz、9.0MHz.

Dimension 335*300*75mm
N.W./G.W. 4.7/9.5kg
Shipping Dimension 470*220*40mm (including one probe)


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