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Viscometer, VSC-P80

  1. Viscosity range:40~12000CP(80rpm)
  2. Speed range: 20~1000rpm adjustable
  3. Speed accuracy:+/-1%(160rpm)
  4. Control range:0~99.9℃

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Viscometer is an instrument for rapidly testing the stirring characteristics and gelatinization characteristics of starch. It is suitable for the determination of starch quality in wheat, corn, rice, sorghum, potato, lotus root and other grains and crops. It is a rotational viscometer with programmable temperature and variable shear.

  • Precisely controllable heating and cooling rates

Adopts an efficient heating and cooling system and a temperature sensor for direct temperature measurement in the sample bowl to ensure the repeatability and accuracy of the test.

  • Mix well and evenly

The special geometry of the paddle ensures that the sample is thoroughly mixed evenly without any starch granules settling.

  • Easy and convenient operation

Short measurement time makes the product very convenient to use.

  • Adjustable speed and high resolution inspection system

The speed of rotating the sample bowl is adjustable. Adopt exquisite brushless motor and high-resolution detection system;Uniqueness is guaranteed when analyzing a wide viscosity range for both low and high viscosity samples.


Model VSC-P80
Viscosity range 40~12000CP(80rpm)
Speed range Computer control, adjustable within the range of 20~1000rpm
Speed accuracy +/-1%(160rpm)
Temp.control range 0~99.9℃
Operation environment Temperature:10℃-30℃;
Relative humidity:10-85%
Heating mode By heating metal quick method
Automatic analysis Max. viscosity, decay, holding strength, regeneration value, final viscosity, stirring value, gelatinization temperature
Test program steps Up to 128 can be designed
Sample dosage 2~3g
Heating and cooling speed Max.14℃/min
Temperature accuracy No more than ±0.3℃
Unit of use CP and RVU
Viscosity accuracy +/-3%(S2000 oil,5000CP)
Display 4 rows*20 bits
Electricity AC 220~230V,50Hz
Weight 18kg


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