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Electric Blood Collection Chair, BCC-E180A

  1. Chair height: 520-670mm
  2. Chair tilt angle: 8-15°
  3. Back panel folding angle: -10-70°
  4. Legrest folding angle: 20-75°

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  • Application:It is suitable for blood supply stations to collect component blood, hospitals and other medical units as chairs for blood collection, dialysis, infusion, chemotherapy and other functions. It is safe, comfortable and warm care;
  • Structure: Four section (back plate, hip plate, leg plate and pedal plate) comprehensive electric blood collection chair, designed with European prototype elements;
  • Driving part: Four groups of independent electric control modes (electric push rod) of motors of international mainstream brands are adopted to drive the electric adjustment of overall seat lifting, back lifting, leg lifting and pedal plate lifting respectively, which has the performance of mute and constantspeed;
  • Body position adjustment mode: Handle operator adjustment and foot switch adjustment, so as to strive for shock response time;
  • Foot switch: Equipped with foot switch, all kinds of body position adjustment can be completed without manual operator, which is convenient andfast;
  • Shock position: Angle: – 10°to – 12 °; Mode: pedal type. It is used to quickly adjust to the seat shock position and reduction position in case of emergency, so as to ensure that the staff can spare their hands for corresponding rescue work in case of emergency; Electric one button shock reset function: when the seat is in any posture, use the one button reset button to quickly make the backplane reach the horizontalposition;
  • Chair surface: It is made of Nano super fiber material, which is durable and exquisite. It is warm, elegant, comfortable and luxurious;
  • Headrest: Equipped with sponge pillow, the height of headrest can be adjusted independently to ensure the comfort of head and neck during blooddonation;
  • According to the principle of ergonomics, the height of the left and right handrails conforms to the natural stretching streamline of the arm, and the inclination angle can be adjusted in all directions to ensure the safe relaxation and natural stretchingof the patient’s arm. The handrail board is designed as R120. Concave radian prevents the blood donor’s arm from sliding and provides a safe and comfortable blood donation environment for blood donors;
  • Material of electric blood collection chair: The chair frame is made of high-quality steel, the surface is treated by special process, electrostatic plastic coating, high-temperature baking treatment at 250 ℃ and layer of polymer varnish; The back and armrest covers are molded with ABS engineering plastics, which can be used for a long time, beautiful and generous, comfortable and easy to clean.


Main parameter

Chair surface dimension (length x width) 1950x580mm(includes headrest, leg rest and foot pedal)
Chair height 520-670mm
Chair tilt angle 8-15°
Back panel folding angle -10-70°
Legrest folding angle 20-75°
Handrail board dimension (length x width) 500 x 180mm
Small table size (length x width) 380 x 280mm 8000N
Motor maximum load Motor input voltage 24V
Motor lifting speed 0.8/min
Electricity Alternating current220V、50Hz
Maximum bearing weight ≥240Kg

Standard accessories

Handrail frame 1
Small table curved support 1
Manual operator 1
Power cord 1
Soft flannelette cushion cover 1(optional)


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