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Microplate Reader, automatic, MPR-A9600/MPR-A9600T

  • Wavelength range: 340~750nm
  • Absorbance range: 0.000-4.000Abs
  • 7-inch touch screen
  • 9-channel vertical light path
  • Incubation Temp.: R.T.+4℃-50℃(MPR-A9600T)
  • Optional external thermal printer

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Automatic microplate reader is a professional instrument for reading and analyzing the results of enzyme-linked immunoassay (EIA) experiments.This product is widely used in applied research in biology, agricultural science, food and environmental science.

This product has the following features:

  1. Adopt 7-inch high-resolution LCD capacitive touch screen, no keyboard required, simple and intuitive operation, easy to use.
  2. 8-bit filter wheel, with 4 filters as standard; Other filters are optional; The wavelength range is 340-750nm, which can meet various applications;
  3. 9-channel vertical light path; Automatic positioning function of the center of the enzyme labeling hole.
  4. It has the function of single wavelength and dual wavelength detection, and the plate reading is fast; it only takes 10 seconds to read the entire 96-well plate or 16 seconds to complete the dual wavelength detection.
  5. The built-in software can realize the detection of kinetics, standard curve, qualitative and quality control; The software includes program generation and storage, as well as detection data storage functions, with large storage capacity; it also has powerful curve fitting, kinetic analysis and reporting functions.
  6. It has the functions of self-checking and diagnosing the optical path, moving position, etc.
  7. It has the function of vibrating plate, and the vibrating plate time and speed are adjustable.
  8. The energy-saving design of the light source maximizes the service life of the light source.
  9. A variety of data output interfaces are available to facilitate data transmission and processing.
  10. Measurement data can be directly exported to Excel for further analysis.


Model MPR-A9600/MPR-A9600T
Light source 6V 10W halogen lamp
Wavelength range 340~750nm
Filter Standard configuration: 405, 450, 492, 630nm four filters;It can be loaded with up to eight filters
Absorbance range 0.000-4.000Abs
Resolution 0.001Abs
Linearity (0, 2.0)≤±1%;[2.0, 4.0)≤±2%
Wavelength indication error ≤±3nm
Wavelength repeatability ≤±1.5nm
Repeatability [0, 3.0)≤0.3%, [3, 4.0)≤1%
Stability [0, 3.0)≤0.3%,[3.0, 4.0)≤1%
Accuracy [0, 2.0)≤ ± 0.005, [2.0 ,3.0)≤ ± 1%, [3.0, 4.0)≤ ± 1.5%
Sensitivity Sensitivity≥0.010
Channel difference <0.01A(1.0Abs standard filter )
Measuring speed Single wavelength <10s/96 wells, dual wavelengths <16s/96 wells (normal mode)
Incubation temperature Room temperature+4℃-50℃(MPR-A9600T)
External dimensions(W×D×H) 280x432x220 mm(W×D×H)
Net weight (kg) 10
Ambient temperature 4℃~ 45℃
Relative humidity ≤70%
Power supply VAC 100-240V


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