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Gas Adsorption Analyzer, GAA-PH2001

  • Analysis Station:1
  • Original Position:Yes
  • Degassing Station:2
  • Pressure Sensor :10 bar+200 bar

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It can simulate actual application conditions and can accurately test the adsorption capacity of porous materials at different temperatures and pressures. Therefore, it has broad application in the fields of gas storage and conversion, hydrogen storage, unconventional oil and gas.


High pressure gas system

  • Manifold design, all stainless steel gas circuit system.
  • 20MPa High pressure All-metal VCR hard-connection passed 35MPa pressure test.
  • 69MPa ultra-high pressure gas circuit system adopts a ferrule joint for hard connection, 316Lstainless steel pipe, and the system passed a pressure test of 100MPa.

Control system

The valve adopts a fully imported 316 stainless steel high-pressure pneumatic valve with high safety and high pressure resistance, which can realize automatic on-off control within the pressure range of 20MPa or 69MPa, with a service life of 500 million times.

Pumping system

  • Separate preparation and analysis station,avoids the problem of mutual pollution caused by  sharing a set of gas path system.
  • The bipolar vacuum pump is directly connected, and the vacuum  degree reaches 10-2Pa;
  • The molecular pump system is optional, and the ultimate vacuum reaches  10-8Pa;
  • The whole process software automatically controls the start and stop of the pump.


  • High safety, full pneumatic valve, no solenoid valve, high-performance explosion-proof level;
  • 2 high-sensitivity combustible gas detection alarms inside and outside the instrument, the  detection limit is >3% LEL.
  • The analysis position is equipped with a protective cover, whichcompletely eliminates the damage to the experiment operator due to high temperature; 


Standard function

  • Volumetric high temperature and high pressure adsorption and desorption isotherms;
  • Adsorption and desorption tP/tV curves; PCT adsorption and desorption isotherms;
  • Langmuri adsorption constants a and b values;
  • Freundlich adsorption strength n and adsorption constant k;
  • Multiple groups of IAST theoretical models Sub-competitive adsorption curve;
  • Clausius-Clapeyron adsorption & desorption thermal curve.

Optional function

1.Test 3~10s initial desorption rate; final desorption rate; desorption rate curve.

2.High pressure volumetric method isobaric adsorption rate test.

3.High-pressure volumetric multi-component adsorption, equipped with a high-pressure microcirculation system, to solve the problem of multi-component adsorption gas stratification.


Model GAA-PH2001
Pressure 0-200 bar
Analysis Station 1
Original Position Yes
Degassing Station 2
Pressure Sensor 10 bar+200 bar
Sample Tube Stainless Steel:5mL(Standard); 25mL;Φ30×110mm(Optional)
Filling Rod The standard sample tube filling rod with filter function can effectively reduce the dead volume of the sample tube while avoiding the pipeline contamination by sample pumping.
Temperature Range According to the test temperature, choose a different constant temperature source (-196 ~ 1100 ℃).


l Dewar Cup:-196~0℃

l Constant temperature bath:-5~85℃

l Constant temperature furnace:RT.~300℃(Standard) £

l Constant temperature furnace:300~1100℃(customization)

Test Gas H2, CH4, Ar, CO2,N2 , Kr, O2, C2H6C2H4He , etc.
Instrument Constant  Temperature The inside of the instrument is fully constant temperature (air bath), manifolds, valves and air sources, etc., in the same air bath environment, the constant temperature is 40.0℃, and the temperature control accuracy is ±0.1℃.
Test Accuracy The repeatability error is less than ±3%.
Pressure Accuracy Imported high-precision pressure sensor, accuracy 0.01%FS, long-term stability 0.025%FS.
Pre-processing The degassing system and the analysis system operate completely independently and do not interfere with each other, and the degassing station has an independent timing function, which can support the degassing of samples at different temperatures and different times simultaneously with the test;

It has two optional functions: “heating vacuum molecular diffusion mode” and “Molecular replacement mode”.

Anti-contamination The non-blocking anti-contamination device is based on the principle of vortex dust reduction, combined with  the software anti-pumping program, completely eliminates the boiling of volatile samples in high vacuum, so as  to avoid the situation that the air tightness reduce after valve pipeline contamination.
Dead Volume Test It has the function of He gas dead volume test; it has the density calculation method. For samples with known true density, the dead volume can be obtained more accurately and the test efficiency is higher.
Temperature Zone  Test With program control He cold and hot zone temperature zone test function.
True Density Test With He true density test function, high test accuracy and good repeatability.
Electricity AC220 V±5%, Max. Power<2 KW
Dimension 720*500*850mm
Net Weight 55kg

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