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Automatic Calorimeter, ACM-40

  • Temperature Measurement Range:0~40℃
  • Outer Barrel Capacity:35L
  • Inner Barrel Capacity:2.3L
  • Thermal Capacity Stability:<2%

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It is used to measure the calorific value of combustible solid or viscous liquid substances such as coal, coke, petroleum, etc., and is widely used in coal, petroleum, medical research, teaching, papermaking, chemical industry and many other departments.



  • The advanced electronic refrigeration process is completely unaffected by changes in ambient temperature and can work continuously for a long time.
  • Stainless steel vacuum inner barrel, the stirring system adopts imported motor.

Structural design

  • Compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy installation and maintenance, and low failure rate.
  • Small size, high precisionand made by mould.

Good performance and reliability

  • Fast test speed, test cycle ≤8min (quick method) ≤15min
  • The product has good performance and reliability even in harsh environments.

High degree of automation

  • Automatically use the built-in fixed container to control the water volume in the inner barrel;
  • Automatically control the temperature difference between the inner and outer barrelsof the instrument, and automatically complete the whole process of the test.

Convenient to use&Powerful function

  • Oxygen bomb identification and automatic lifting; Automatic oxygenation, easy to operate.
  • AdoptsWindowsXP operating system, which realizes multi-controller of one machine.
  • Data processing function allows users to query historical data easily.


Model ACM-40
Temperature Measurement Range 0-40℃
Temperature Resolution 0.0001K
Precision <0.1%
Thermal Capacity Stability <0.2%
Outer Barrel Capacity 35L
Inner Barrel Capacity 2.3L
Ignition Voltage 24V
Electricity 220V±10% 50Hz
Ambient Temperature 5-35℃

The indoor temperature change does not exceed 1K each time, and there is no strong airflow and direct sunlight in the room;

Relative Humidity ≤85%
Dimension 900*700*600(including computer)
Net Weight 65kg(including computer)


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